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  1. Verdinate

    How to fix iMessage / FaceTime -- Yosemite

    Hey everyone. I've been trying a lot of different ways to get my iMessage / FaceTime accounts to sign in. Possibly every way listed on various websites. From SMBIOS to fresh install. Unfortunately, it kept leading me to the same annoying message: "... Contact AppleCare with the following...
  2. Verdinate

    Bootloaders & iMessage & FaceTime

    Hey everyone. There something I don't understand. When I use my USB installer to boot into my OS X, it uses a SMBIOS of a Mac Mini Server (Late 2012) and FaceTime works fine, as well as the App Store. I installed Clover EFI & booted with it, and it uses SMBIOS of an iMac 27" (Late 2013)...
  3. Verdinate

    [SOLVED]Clover - Black Screen

    I installed Clover with the recommended settings for UEFI. It booted into it, I selected my working OS X partition and the screen turns black and hangs on it. The keyboard & mouse & other hardware turn off as if the computer is turned off, however the monitor is connected and the display is...
  4. Verdinate

    Yosemite - AirDrop

    Hello. My OS X is connected to my Ethernet cable. My iPhone is using WiFi. However, AirDrop doesn't seem to detect my iPhone. I have no Bluetooth Adapter, so I thought that being on the same network would allow the iPhone and the OS X to work together to make AirDrop available. Why's that...
  5. Verdinate

    Installation error

    Hey. I usually use my VirtualBox to make bootable USBs for making installations for OS X. Did the same today with Yosemite, but I couldn't go past the installation. Sometimes, it shows this when booting to the USB halfway when loading the instaler (it's random): sometiems, it would boot...
  6. Verdinate

    Sudden slow

    Hey everyone. My OS X was working fine, but from yesterday I've been experiencing slowness. It's most noticed in games, where my FPS is now much lower instead of smooth (It used to be flat 60-80, but now it is 45 or even lower sometimes). I also added a memory optimiser application I got from...
  7. Verdinate

    Can't boot after 10.9.5 update

    I had a perfectly working hackintosh running 10.9.4. I updated to 10.9.5 using the App Store (did nothing before, sorry) and I can't boot (only in safe mode). What can I do to fix it?
  8. Verdinate

    Questions regarding updates

    Hello. I have 4 pending updates available in my OS X. I have a few questions regarding them. 1. Should I update the OS X to 10.9.5? If so, will it affect anything in my hackintosh? Do I need to do anything special, or just simply update and that's it? 2. When I try to update any of the...
  9. Verdinate

    Gaming performance

    Hey everyone. To begin with, my machine's specifications are: Asus H97M-E - Motherboard. Intel Core i5-4590 - Processor. 4GB - RAM. Intel HD Graphics 4000 - Graphics Card. OS X installed on a SSD. When I was using Windows, my games ran smooth with good settings. For example, League of Legends...
  10. Verdinate

    OS X Slow

    My boot takes around a minute to two, which is pretty slow (compared to Windows 8.1, which takes 4 seconds, as I'm using SSD). The OS X experience itself is also a bit slow. When I boot, things take time to load. For example, the desktop would show, then the task bar, then after a few seconds...
  11. Verdinate

    Can't boot - only with Safe Mode

    I recently installed OS X using Unibeast. I can boot fine with Safe Mode, but without it I can't. I'm using Clover. I tried any possible boot flag combination, using the Graphics Injector, but still, nothing. This shows up when I boot normally. My motherboard is ASUS H97M-E and I'm using the...
  12. Verdinate

    Clover's config location?

    I recently installed Clover on my OS X HD. However, I can't find the config.plist location on it. Can you tell me where is it located? Thanks.
  13. Verdinate

    Clover never works

    I installed Clover from Windows in order to boot my OS X (I can only boot it in safe-mode, but that's for another thread). It boots fine into Clover, but every time I choose an OS X (if it's installed or if it's an installation) I get "Unable to find driver for this platform: ACPI". No matter...
  14. Verdinate

    Unable to boot without safe-mode

    Hello everyone. I used my brother's Hackintosh to make a bootable USB flash drive using Unibeast and a clean OS X Mavericks from the App Store. Installation went completely fine. I'm only able to boot through safe mode, though. I haven't installed anything, this is a fresh install of OS X...