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  1. iPatch

    macOS 11.4 Update

    Works fine with Clover 5135.
  2. iPatch

    [Success] Upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina

    It's a good solution but do you have any links showing where this is listed as a normal issue? I found an Adobe support note for only users who modified their Dock and Menu Bar preferences with the Terminal in the first place. This is a list of known issues for Photoshop in Catalina.
  3. iPatch

    [Success] Upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina

    What type of problems are there? I fine with Lr Classic and Lr. Now I'm using Lightroom Classic version: 9.0 [ 201910151439-b660523e ] which is the latest version. I had problems with the Nvidia graphics card not being supported in High Sierra and Lightroom, Camera Raw etc.
  4. iPatch

    [Success] Upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina

    I upgraded directly from High Sierra to Catalina without any major issues, once I switched to a compatible GPU. Photoshop 2020 (v21.0.1) and the new Lightroom Classic v9.0 (Camera Raw v12) became unstable and jerky with High Sierra and the GeForce 1060 GPU with the last Adobe update. I replaced...
  5. iPatch

    macOS 10.13.4 Security Update

    The update worked smoothly: update apfs.efi before installing the OS update install the update, the computer automatically rebooted from a temporary "Install Disk", then rebooted a couple more times once booted from the updated system with the default Mac NVIDIA driver, the video driver...
  6. iPatch

    ML 10.8.1 causes KP

    Have you removed the old kexts? I can't completely read the text in your photo of the KP, but I had a similar problem upgrading yesterday. The KP came much after the problem kexts, which looked like it was caused by the old FakeSMC and its plugins that were leftover from Lion. I removed all...
  7. iPatch

    Mac OS X 10.7.3 Update - The Official Thread (Desktops)

    After creating a backup disk image, I updated the lazy way from the Software Update menu. After rebooting I played around a bit too much and had a kernel panic (ethernet driver probably since I had no IPv6 showing and it crashed suddenly on using the network), so on the next reboot I ran...
  8. iPatch

    Core i7-2700K GA-Z68XP-UD4 16GB RAM Radeon 6850 SSD 256 GB

    iPatch's Build: i7-2700K - GA-Z68XP-UD4 - 16GB RAM - Radeon 6850 - SSD 256 GB All parts are from Sofmap in Japan, they can also be found at other shops at (Japanese only) OS Lion 10.7.2 clean install (Japanese) [/*:m:fqnoc503] CPU Core i7 2700K [/*:m:fqnoc503] MB Gigabyte...
  9. iPatch

    My Computer is a brick after 10.6.8 and Multibeast

    General trouble-shooting steps: - removing any extra hardware you don't need including USB accessories - check connections for everything connectible - reset CMOS - pull or swap graphics card - pull out RAM one by one - reseat any wire or hardware connections (except CPU) In addition, most...
  10. iPatch

    10.7.2 Dual Monitor: Vanishing Mouse Cursor

    I had lots of problems with my Wacom tablet when it was plugged into a bad USB hub. The cursor jumped, it was jittery at times and didn't respond sometimes. The hub built into the Apple keyboards never gave me any trouble, though.
  11. iPatch

    Memory Allocation Error! Addr:0xdeadbeef

    File: hfs.c could be related to your disk, it seems it can't read the filesystem. Have you set you BIOS to use AHCI instead of IDE? Your SATA controller needs to be in AHCI mode to recognize any disks. I'm not sure what hfs.c is I'm guessing it's related to the HFS+ disk format. For example, I...
  12. iPatch

    10.7.2 Dual Monitor: Vanishing Mouse Cursor

    Does this happen in any software or only one (like I have dual screens and I haven't noticed a disappearing cursor yet, but sometimes it takes a second to find it, and for all I know it could've been missing. I have a Logicool MX620 and a Wacom tablet / 10.7.2.
  13. iPatch

    Optimized AppleHDA for Realtek ALC 889 on Lion [OLD]

    Re: New Optimized AppleHDA for Realtek ALC 889 on Lion Success. :thumbup: The popping audio during boot is gone now. My impression is the sound is clearer, too, better than my iMac audio out. In addition the audio control panel now shows up in my language (not English). MB: GA-Z68XP-UD4...
  14. iPatch

    Post Your MultiBeast Configuration Screenshots

    Gigabyte Z86XP-UD4/G3 (BIOS F5); Lion 10.7.2; HIS Radeon HD 6850 1GB Sleep and wake works, timed sleep only works with "PleaseSleep."[/*:m:2zp6z0dk] The ethernet worked perfectly OOTB but broke after installation of other drivers, then I needed to install the Realtek driver, which hasn't caused...
  15. iPatch

    Repeated SSD Drive Failures - Lion

    Have you booted into single user mode (on a regular Mac Command+S) and run fsck? I had a keys out of order many years ago and if I remember correctly the problem won't go away until you fix it in single user mode ( or as non-boot drive) There is one fsck mode that can fix more serious errors #...