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  1. ScottieGC

    Installed ML on an asus in a M51v how can I tell if it will reboot again

    I've got a successful install now how do I keep it there?
  2. ScottieGC

    Guide To Install Yosemite on HP Laptops with Clover UEFI

    Where from here?? Get to Yosemite loading screen line stays still??
  3. ScottieGC

    Guide to Installing Lion on HP Probook

    Think I did a boot that had more arguments than Christmas Day with my family :) WOW:banghead::banghead::thumbup::D
  4. ScottieGC

    Guide to Installing Lion on HP Probook

    I'm not sure what's missing hence the post!! And I know clover as I keep reading makes it work for most but call me stupid or dumb I can't get my head around it but this is a marathon not a sprint race!??? Anyone got any water :)
  5. ScottieGC

    First Timer - Installing MAC OS Lion on HP Elitebook 8540w

    This is my lion trying to get off the USB not installing??
  6. ScottieGC

    HP DV5000 stuck on white screen

    What happens if bios has no achi ??
  7. ScottieGC

    HP DV5000 stuck on white screen

    Still No boot????????
  8. ScottieGC

    HP DV5000 stuck on white screen

    Not exactly just experimenting with CCC copy of my own working 10.6 then adding boot loader plus multicast SL 3.10.1 then NUC to top off :headbang::crazy: what do you think can it work?
  9. ScottieGC

    HP DV5000 stuck on white screen

    Still loading lol any other ideas or does it take this long first boot?
  10. ScottieGC

    HP DV5000 stuck on white screen

    HP DV5000 model dv5128TX 4gb 667ram nvidia geforce 7400 graphics core2 cpu T5300 bios F.08 sys board 30A7 boots but stays here on white screen and pic of verbose the moose mode :beachball::thumbup:
  11. ScottieGC

    HP Pavilion dv4000 Snow Leopard Hackingtosh

    I say give it a go gotta start somewhere I'm messing about with an ol pav Dv5000 good fun once you understand how things work then don't work LOL OS X is great And I go by the motto when I was a kid windows were only good for one thing?? Throwing rocks at!!!
  12. ScottieGC

    Struggling with HP Dv6

    Trying to install on a HP Dv6 install all good the when booting graphics go all weird struggling to make sense of it I suspected graphics chip damaged but diagnostic. Seems fine help please :)
  13. ScottieGC

    Well 2 Mackintosh machines in 2 days :)

    my first hacker was a dell studio hybrid running lion it know works perfectly with the standard chipset that a dell hybrid has an intel mobile mini board intel 3000 graphics 4gb 667sodimm ram 2.o core2duo processor 300gb hdd hdmi dvi 7usb 2.0 ports dvd burner hackentosh Toshiba Satellite P750...
  14. ScottieGC

    trying a toshiba p750

    Hey rehab man I tried clover and it blackscreened on me 3 times in a row I finally got Yosemite on the tosh but have to put a boot flag in every time to make it load from hdd plus still messing about with sound haven't found a patch that works yet but slowly getting the hang of this whole thing ??
  15. ScottieGC

    trying a toshiba p750

    I'm only new to hackentoshing need advice on installing yosemite on laptop Im confused