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  1. LinkinPark879

    Sound broken when switch monitor connection port DP to HDMI

    Hi, for same reason, I have connect monitor with hdmi port, instead of DP port. Before that, with DP port, everything work fine as well as the sound. But after switch to HDMI port, the voice is cracking, look likes some frame lazy. I recorded some section in music for better elaboration: origin...
  2. LinkinPark879

    Make your hackintosh power button works as expected

    Once, I tried to find a solution to make hackintosh power button works, but nothing has gained. The suggestion that long press result as no response in my computer, and even force shutdown computer suddenly. I immediately get the idea, that work out with hardware solution. After few weeks on...
  3. LinkinPark879

    [solved]unable boot with AppleALC.kext, KP on boot

    Hi, guys. I have try to update my hackintosh with a discrete graphics card, to have a better experience with idle sleep. I was success to resolve graphic config, and everything ok but no sound. now, I try to solve the audio problem. Then, just simple install AppleALC.kext by acidanthera, I get...
  4. LinkinPark879

    Cannot boot to recovery mode, help!!

    Hi, I install Sierra in my hackintosh, but just cannot boot to revovery. The attachment is my boot info screenshot Thanks for any help.