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  1. weppingpresent

    Copy EFI to make a clean instal on same system

    Hello there, I have a working hackintosh running High Sierra I would like to make a clean instal on another drive in the same system After making the USB with Unibeast I copied the EFI from my working drive into the EFI partition of the USB, but I can't get to clover from the USB, any idea...
  2. weppingpresent

    High Sierra won't boot

    Hello ! My hackintosh won't boot today, it was fine yesterday .. I attached a picture of where it is stuck at. Any idea ? Thanks !
  3. weppingpresent

    Can't boot into El Capitan after booting into Windows

    Hi everyone I have my hackintosh (GA-Z170M-D3H - Intel i7-6700 - 16GB RAM - GTX970) for more than a year now and it was running perfectly without any problem. OSX and Windows are on two separate SSDs. 3 days ago I booted windows after a few months of using only osx, so windows does a few...
  4. weppingpresent

    Can not boot into OSX anymore "Volume header needs to be repaired"

    Hello everyone, Today I have run into what seems to be a major issue (hopefuly there is a simple fix) : the PC shuts down when i try to boot into El Capitan. Verbose shows this .. Volume header appears to need "minor repairs". I tried to run a disk repair with the USB Installer, but it wont...
  5. weppingpresent

    Does Windows mess with OSX drives ?

    Hello everyone, First of all here is my drive setup - 500GB SSD (OS X El Cap) - 500GB SSD (Windows 10 Pro) - 3TB HDD formated in HFS+ (DATA) Paragon is installed in Windows to be able to read the OSX and data drives I am a bit concerned, today I boot my hackintosh in OSX and it says my DATA...
  6. weppingpresent

    What price drop should we expect ?

    Hello all ! With the launch of the new Nvidia cards (which is pretty exciting but not hackintosh compatible any soon ..), what kind of price drop do you think we should expect on the 900 series ? I was planning on buying the 970 but I'm hopping (maybe in vain ..) the 980 or even the 980Ti will...
  7. weppingpresent

    Looking for advice (GPU, CPU and misc) for very compact computer

    My first post did not make it through moderation, don't know why though, I must have not respected one or several rules. Sorry if that's the case, I'll start again ;) Also, I apologize for my clumsy english. So, hello Hackintosh community ! I want to build the smallest but nonetheless...