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  1. chill2x

    not shutdown properly

    after 2 days of monitoring on my sierra 10.12.5, when i click apple>shutdown the fan still spinning and there is a power led indicator the screen goes black. here is my problem reporting report. please check my files below. kext-dev-mode allowing invalid signature -67062 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEFA0A for...
  2. chill2x

    Shutdown Problem

    Hello everyone, if anyone experience this kind of scenario please tell me what is the problem. This is the scenario.. Battery attach - when my laptop is on for 10hours of work then it will shutdown properly. Battery not attach - when my laptop is on for 10hours it will not shutdown properly...
  3. chill2x

    SSD UV400 Kingston-Trim > Enable or Disable?

    i have SSD UV400 Kingston 120GB for my Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 ..Trim is Disabled.. should i enable it for better performance?or remain disabled?
  4. chill2x

    Lid Issue

    when i close the LID of my laptop its goes sleep but when i open the LID it will not wake up still its sleeping. any idea about this issue?sorry for my bad english.. my laptop is on my signature..osx running on 10.12.2 sierra..
  5. chill2x

    [Guide] Acer Travelmate TMP255-M SIERRA 10.12.5 Update!

    Acer Travelmate TMP255-M 15" Intel Core i5 4200U 1.6-2.3ghz Turbo boost max 2.6ghz Intel HD4400 Graphics 8GB Ram 120GB SSD kingston UV400 /500 HDD Caddy I replace only HDD to SSD for better performance.. What Works: Battery Indicator Bluetooth Display Brightness Slider Graphics (Intel HD4400...
  6. chill2x

    Change SMbios failed to boot 10.11.6

    my smbios now is macbook pro 11.1 i need to change it to macbook air 6.2 so it will match in my system / laptop..when im trying to change smbios my system wont boot.. when im in clover bootloader then press space bar then verbose or whatsoever arg it wont boot.any idea?
  7. chill2x

    [SOLVED]after update to Sierra, Apple HDA is not working.

    in el capitan 10.11.6 i patch my native apple hda its working fine after updating to sierra my audio is not working.i back up and install my applehda patch (came from el capitan) to sierra 10.12.2 .. i will attach my IOREG and some files needed.. please let me know what is the problem...
  8. chill2x

    b0d3 to hdau

    in dsdt, i rename b0d3 to hdau..i open ioreg then type in search box hdau..i didnt find it..i type b0d3 i find it under pci0.. i did patch correctly.any idea? and also when my laptop is in sleep mode for 5-10mins or more.when i press any key in keyboard its black screen only..
  9. chill2x

    What error is this?

    1. when i am trying to shutdown my laptop or restart this is the message i got. (1st image) process mds_store [216] disabling system wide I/O Throthling process mds_store [216] disabling system wide CPU Throthling 2. then when i am trying to turn on my laptop in verbose mode what is the...
  10. chill2x

    kernel_task high memory usage

    how to get rid oof kernel_Task high memory usage?its 500mb in my ram.
  11. chill2x

    Apple HDA ALC282 Sound Assertion Problem

    Sound assertion in AppleHDAController at line 1417 how to fix this? el capitan 10.11.3 audi alc282 realtek
  12. chill2x

    Microphone Problem El Capitan

    Hello Mr Rehabman i figure it out my micrphone is not working i try to record on quick time player but i cannot hear anything..pls help me with this problem..
  13. chill2x

    [solved] SIP Disabled Failed

    i follow the instruction on how to disable the SIP on clover bootloader. i put 0x03 and 0x28 on string but when i reboot the system it failed to load it has a kernel panic nano seco blah blah.. i try to go to recovery and enter csrutil disabled it succesful but when i enter in normal boot..its...
  14. chill2x

    AppleHDA Problem

    MR. Rehabman why I cannot delete the applhda in S/L/E in el capitan 10.11.3?i need to install my ALC282 appleHDA but the error cannot delete or back up the applehda.kext because it need on the OS..
  15. chill2x

    Wifi AR956x

    is there a driver for this one?or any working universal kext to work with my wifi?
  16. chill2x

    Can not log into App Store

    my Laptop i5 | 4200U gpu intel HD4400 4gb ram.. current os : yosemite 10.10.5 updated.. i cannot log in App Store using my account.. please see my attachment
  17. chill2x

    help HD4400 brightness fix

    pls help me with HD4400 brightness fix..the driver is brightness level is max.but in my monitor is dark.its like a can i fix this pls.. acer intel i5 4200U gpu intel HD4400 4gb ram
  18. chill2x


    hi, can you help me regarding to my drivers?my laptop is ACER intel core i54200U gpu intel HD44000 haswell mobile 4gm ram el capitan os fresh installed missing drivers.. wifi - atheros ar956x driver audio - intel High definition ethernet - broadcom battery indicator brightness control too dark.