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  1. kmbeatz

    [Guide] Lenovo Ideapad 330S-14IKB Catalina 10.15.7 Clover/Opencore Hotpatch

    Hi. Its nor working with Big Sur. Are someone use this EFI with Big Sur?
  2. kmbeatz

    EZbook m3-7y30 Battery Problem

    A Friend Edit my DSDT.aml and now there is a Battery Symbol at 0%. The Battery Information are also in the Settings of the Battery. When i put the Power Cable its recognize it too. Only its Stuck at 0%. Can somebody help whats the Problem. Sorry for my Poor English folks.
  3. kmbeatz

    EZbook m3-7y30 Battery Problem

    Hello Folks I have a nice Macbook Clone Laptop from EZBook Jumper 3 Plus mit m3-7y30. I have managed to install Catalina with most of the Things work. Only the Battery is not shown. My skills with DSDT are sadly limited. Can someone help Please? Thank you so much.
  4. kmbeatz

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    Hello. I have a Question about the new Titan Ridge Revision 2.0 Card If I want to use it only in Mac Pro 5,1 I have it to Flash with GC-Titan-Ridge-V2.0-Mod-NVM50-CaseySJ.bin right? And what if I want to use it on Windows and MacOS? On Old Titan Ridge we have to Flash Original NVM23 Firmware...
  5. kmbeatz

    Catalina and SFF Fujitsu G558 - UHD630 kernel panic

    Any News about the UHD630 on this Fujitsu?
  6. kmbeatz

    Thunderbolt 3 Modified Firmware Custom SSDT Discussion

    Sorry for the Question. I have a Asus Ex3 TB3 Card. Its possible to install it on a Motherboard without TB3 Header like the Gigabyte Alpine or Titan Ridge?
  7. kmbeatz

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    Sorry for my English. The Flashed ASUS EX3 TB3 not working in Windows and not in macOS Catalina. There is no Unknown Device or Thunderbolt Device in Windows and not in macOS When I change the ASUS EX3 TB3 Card with my other GigaByte AlpineRidge in the same Dell 3060 its working. So my...
  8. kmbeatz

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    The Dell 3060 has No Thunderbolt Header. Its a Dell 3060 Desktop PC With a AlpineRidge TB3 Card and Flashed Firmware its OK in the same PC in macOS Catalina On the Dell 3060 TitanRidge with Flashed Firmware and Pin 3+5 its OK Gigabyte AlpineRidge without Pin everything is OK ASUS Ex3 with...
  9. kmbeatz

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    Hi to all. I have a Asus EX3 TB3 Card. I Flashed the AlpineRidgeEX3-NVM18-NATA.bin. All OK Admins-iMac:~ admin$ flashrom -p ch341a_spi -w /Users/admin/Downloads/ASUS-THUNDERBOLT-EX-3-3/AlpineRidgeEX3-NVM18-NATA.bin flashrom v1.2 on Darwin 18.7.0 (x86_64) flashrom is free software, get the...
  10. kmbeatz

    Hackintosh Support for 10th Gen intel Laptops (i5-10210u)

    I have a 1035g1 i5 with Ice Lake. I dont know but i installed macOS Catalina on it. I cant get the Graphics Card to work. Its only 7MB. Its a Intel UHF G1 I only can install with Clover and CSM Enabled and Boot7 File. Opencore and other trys end with Aptio error etc no way. How can i get...
  11. kmbeatz

    Dell Inspiron 3593 (1035G1)

    Use Clover with Legacy Mode and CSM Mode. UEFI Mode no Chance Aptio Error
  12. kmbeatz

    Dell Inspiron 3593 (1035G1)

    I have a Lenovo Laptop with 1035G1 i5 CPU. I have managed to install Catalina 10.15.4 But i dont how to enable Graphics Accelaration. In Clover Configurator there is no SMBios near a 10th Gen Ice Lake MAcbook or Imac
  13. kmbeatz

    [Guide] Lenovo Ideapad S340 Laptop on Catalina

    Hi to all. Is HDMI Working?
  14. kmbeatz

    << Solved >> Can't get audio device working, tried every ALC298 codec

    Hi. Can you share your Fix please? Im in the same Situation with ALC298 o Dell 7275
  15. kmbeatz

    lenovo s340 ideapad with 256GB SSD only (no hard drive)

    Hey can you share your EFI Folder Please? Thanks
  16. kmbeatz

    [Guide] Acer Swift 5 SF514-53t whiskey lake MacOS10.14.5

    Hi. With you Guide i can Boot macOS 10.14.6 with No Problems. But MacOS Catalina has problem to Boot with Proper Graphics. I cant activate Full Graphics Accelaration. Same EFI Mojave work Perfect with Mojave
  17. kmbeatz

    OSX on Acer Aspire 5 (i5 8250U). Possible?

    Hi Nortek. I have the same Laptop only without Mx150. With your Clover Folder its working. I have a Lenovo NVME 256 GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. Clover only sees HDD. No NVME is Showing I have installed OSX 10.13.5 on the HDD. In High Sierra under System NVME SSD is not listed. Only Show Apple...
  18. kmbeatz

    ALC3263 Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 mod. T07G

    Hi. Can you Upload your Clover Folder if is possible? Thank you
  19. kmbeatz

    [Success] Mavericks on asus transformer book (T300LA)

    Thanks for the Guide. Can you post a link for the Wlan Card? I have a T300FA and want to Replace the WLAN Card as well. Its a NGFF Card i think.
  20. kmbeatz

    [Guide] How to patch DSDT for working battery status

    Tried all Samsung Patches no Battery Meter. Tried almost all Patches from various Laptops. No Chance