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  1. metaldoom

    Unable to run .pkg installers for new applications

    Unable to run .pkg installers for new applications. Previously I was able to install various applications freely. Started happening suddenly. Attached 2 images -Image 1, you will get a very long beach ball load -Image 2, the option to continue will never become available On other...
  2. metaldoom

    Windows Partition Booting Issue After Updating System?

    Hello. I have lost access to my Windows 8.1 Partition. I cannot mount, access, boot, or safeboot. Previously I would boot via Windows Boot Manager to either 8.1 or Mavericks. The HDD is setup like so; 1TB with 2 Partitions. 500GB Mavericks + 500GB Windows 8.1 Heres a timeline of what has...
  3. metaldoom

    The Beginners Journey Into A G5 Case Mod

    *The Beginners Journey Into A G5 Case Mod* Components Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Motherboard Intel® Core i3-3225 Processor Corsair...
  4. metaldoom

    Best Mobo For G5 Case Mods?

    So far I'm leaning towards the GA-Z77-DS3H (rev1.1 sigh lol) What are some of the best options for the G5 case? I'm using Mountain Mods Mobo Plate. Thank you