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  1. milkfrozen

    macOS 10.13.4 Update

    I can confirm that disabling "Inject Intel" will prevent the double appearance
  2. milkfrozen

    macOS 10.13.4 Update

    So I did some testing now: 17,1 doesn't work 18,3 doesn't work 14,2 does work Has anyone the same problem or a solution for this issue?
  3. milkfrozen

    macOS 10.13.4 Update

    Booting to black screen after Update Sys def: iMac 17,1 GPU: RX580 IGFX as initial display No graphic kexts applied. Tried GFX0 to IGPU, fake ID for 6700k and RadeonDeInit with no luck. Works when I boot with my USB-Installer EFI, which has iMac14,2 as System Definition. But then it shows 2x...
  4. milkfrozen

    kernel panic during start

    Hey there! After I replugged a pin on my wifi-card, I get a kernel panic during start up although I haven't changed anything in clover or in my config file. panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff8xxd56e339): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f8ffa1e30, type 14=page Things I already tried: - Reset Bios → kernel...
  5. milkfrozen

    macOS 10.13.3 Update

    After installing the update and reinstalling the audio, I get stuck at en1: supported channels […] no duplicates found Any idea how to fix that?
  6. milkfrozen

    Vega 64 High Sierra Green Screen After Boot

    Seems like the same thing happens to me sometimes with my rx580.
  7. milkfrozen

    No 4k 60Hz

    Hello there! I'm stuck at a very strange problem. I have installed the High Sierra Beta (Public 1) and everything works fine now except one strange issue: I can't get my RX580 to output 4k at 60hz on a specific monitor (Monitor A). I've tested the same settings on a different monitor (Monitor B)...
  8. milkfrozen

    USB3.0 won't work

    Hey there! I installed the High Sierra Beta 2 (17A291j) a couple of days ago and so far almost everything works OOB (RX580, HD 530 Sleep/Wake,…). There is just one thing that won't work whatsoever. I tried multiple tutorials and kexts, but I can't get the system to show USB3.0 external Hard...
  9. milkfrozen

    Dual 4K Monitor Photo-Editing + Office "Workstation"

    I just built the machine. Windows 10 ist working flawlessly maybe a bit hot that's why I ordered some fans. Mac runs but I need to enable the Rx 580 or internal GPU. Already managed to get the prohibited sign once :lol:
  10. milkfrozen

    Dual 4K Monitor Photo-Editing + Office "Workstation"

    Thanks man! I ordered all of the parts and they're probably coming on Friday. I went for: Gigabyte Z170N-Gaming 5 (the wifi board throttles CPU) Intel Core i7-6700K Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB 2 SanDisk Ultra II 480GB Sapphire RX580 I also got a BCM94360CS2 + Adaptor I'll let you know...
  11. milkfrozen

    Final Cut Pro X - Which Graphics Card

    Your dual-gpu setup could be the problem. I've read that a lot of people have a problem with FCPX Playback and dual gpu. You've already posted a youtube video with a solution in a different thread. If that didn't help, I don't have any other solution.
  12. milkfrozen

    Final Cut Pro X - Which Graphics Card

    There are a lot of threads already about this topic. For Example:
  13. milkfrozen

    Final Cut Pro X - Which Graphics Card

    Yes, this isn't surprising. ProRes is a completely different codec. Intel Quicksync works only with h264 (and h265. depending on your processor) encoding. (as far as I know!) That's why you probably get a better performance with ProRes on your Hackintosh than on your Macbook.
  14. milkfrozen

    Final Cut Pro X - Which Graphics Card

    Final Cut tends to use the CPU over GPU. Especially when you have nvidia installed. AMD Cards would have worked better for fcpx. And the reason why your projects export faster on your MacBook is Intel quicksync
  15. milkfrozen

    Dual 4K Monitor Photo-Editing + Office "Workstation"

    Hello there! I'm currently trying to convince my dad to go for a hackintosh that I would build and set-up for him, rather than an iMac, Trashcan or even the old 2014 Mac Mini. He currently uses a 2011 Mac Mini for his daily business and recently moved from analog photography into digital photo...
  16. milkfrozen

    1st Hackintosh after 15 years of iMac and MacBook