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  1. coffeeholic94103

    Trying to Upgrade from TP-LINK N900 to Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCEv2

    Hi Folks! There I was, thinkin'. "Yeah, I'll just pull out the TP-Link and install the Rosewill" and BOOM! 3x my speed! Yeah, that was a nice thought. Mr. High Sierra can't see the network device. Apparently, "plug and play" is more like "plug and pray." Any tips? Thanks!!!!
  2. coffeeholic94103

    [Solved] Can't Install Adobe Creative Suite on High Sierra

    When attempting to install Creative Cloud, I get "Error Code P81". When I attempt to install Lightroom Classic directly, I get "Can't find /tmp" Related, I think, is a problem when trying to set up my Canon PRO-100 printer. Error: "Can't install the software." <-- that's VERY helpful...
  3. coffeeholic94103

    Success! GIGABYTE-Z170X-UD5, Intel 6700K, EVGA GTX950SSC

    Holy smokes - IT WORKS! No, I mean it really works! I'm using it right now! The build went pretty much as it should, with the following notes. The R5 is a terrific case, I think. VERY quiet. I can't tell when the computer is on(!) Into the motherboard, I installed the Noctua before...