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  1. jackblack87

    Upgrade to Big Sur with Clover r5118?

    Will I be able to Upgrade with Clover v. 5118 as well? I have big problems with the actual v. 5126 as my system doesn't boot with this version. Lilu and WhateverGreen are on the latest version.
  2. jackblack87

    MacOS constantly crashing after 10.15.6 update

    Since I updated to 10.15.6 MacOS constantly crashes after roundabout 2 or 3 hours of normal status. Everything freezes, programs are crashing an errors appear. sometimes I get the chance to quit a program, but a few seconds later new errors appear and I can't do any input any more. Sometimes...
  3. jackblack87

    iCloud re-login every 15-60 minutes

    Since the update to 10.15.3 I need to re-login in iCloud more often than usual. Today I had to re-login after 50 and then again after 15 (!) minutes. Before, I had to re-login only every 2 or 3 computer restarts (since Mojave). Under High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan (...) I had no problems with...
  4. jackblack87

    Boot Flag doesn't load

    Hi guys, I just inserted the boot flag -disablegpxfirmware on my config.plist via clover configurator. Unfortunately, the boot flag doesn't load when I'm booting. I think I installed it correctly? ---> I always have to add -disablegpxfirmware manually when I'm booting, because it doesn't...
  5. jackblack87

    << Solved >> Clover 2.5 (5070) Boot failure

    I just updated Clover from 2.4 to 2.5 (5070), Mojave 10.14.6, no other changes. Thought it might help for Catalina later. Now I can't boot - wtf? I've got a black screen after the clover boot screen appears. Looks like this in verbose: ...and that in safe/verbose mode: Anyone got a...
  6. jackblack87

    Graphics problem under Mohave (Radeon HD6670)

    I just updated my 2nd Hackintosh (with an ATI Radeon HD 6670) to Mojave. Everything went successfully, unfortunately the graphics card is no longer recognized by the system ('Display 7MB'), the image is distorted (wrong resolution) and the display jerky when moving windows... How can i fix...
  7. jackblack87

    [Solved] Direct Upgrade to macOS High Sierra Not Working for Me

    Followed the APFS guide, but when I choose the update at clover screen it stucks after a few seconds... only the white apple logo for minutes... what can I do?
  8. jackblack87

    Error at first boot / reaching OSX installer

    ***please delete this*** *****pleas delete this post****
  9. jackblack87

    Dualboot question

    hi, lately i installed windows 8 on the same SSD where osx 10.9 is installed (other partition). unfortunately windows boots now by default instead of osx. i have to boot via unibeast-usb to get osx started. i'd like to have osx boot by default. how can i fix that? thanks for your advice!
  10. jackblack87

    Radeon HD 6670 HDMI Port Problem

    hey guys, lately i tried to plug an hdmi cable on my Radeon HD 6670 (which has both hdmi and dvi) with no success. i'd like to connect the hdmi port with my tv (while the dvi is still connected to my monitor). is it achievable, that i connect both the tv and the monitor at the same time (to...
  11. jackblack87

    Crazy problem with second "ghost" monitor

    hey guys, i've got a very confusing problem with my monitor settings. if you take a look at the attachment, there's an additional motinor at the right bottom corner (red circle). the problem is: there is no second monitor :D can someone help me to erase that monitor? thanks!
  12. jackblack87

    Hide Bluetooth Icon in Status Bar

    hey guys, i'd like to hide the bluetooth icon in my status bar (see attachment) because I don't use bluetooth at all. unfortunately there's no bluetooth setting in the preferences where i could turn it off. could someone help me? cheers
  13. jackblack87

    Mac App Store connection Problem

    hey guys, i can't connect to the app store after installing my new SSD. i am able to access itunes and icloud, only the app store is denying the request. i know it's a common problem, but none of the named solutions in the board worked for me. what i already did is: - delete all the relevant...