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  1. GTFO Science

    Problem installing DWA-556 in Mountain Lion.

    So I purchased a DWA-556 after hearing many users suggest it for its OOB functionality as well as it's superior reception. Unfortunately, I cannot get ML to detect the device, not does it show up in system profiler. Here is a link to the guide I followed...
  2. GTFO Science

    For Win7 dual booters: Atheros wifi driver

    It took me a bit to find a driver for the Atheros wifi card on Win7. OSX Lion detected the card OOB without any problems but Win7 needs a driver. ... de=4&idx=1
  3. GTFO Science

    Can't add additional internal HDD. Anyone else?

    So there is a long version...and a short version... The short version is that I cannot add 2 internal HDD that were previously working fine with my 10.6.8 build. If I boot into OSX and connect the drives (internally), one of them shows up and can be accessed but disappears on reboot. The...