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  1. linw

    Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X

    Since kext-dev-mode used to work, I would say it is about rootless this time. Is System Integrity Protection enabled?
  2. linw

    [solved] Kernel Panic with running El Capitan on memory channel B

    Thank you! I was never able to switch to Clover before, so had to pass on El Capitan on my desktop Hackintosh and used my real Macs more. Now that Sierra is out I thought I should give another chance and found this. Great! My RAM is being identified as 1333 MHz though they actually are 1600 MHz...
  3. linw

    Clean Install on Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3

    I should have stayed at 10.9, Chimera and F12 BIOS. I had the UEFI BIOS upgrade. DSDT.aml removed. Chimera 4.0. Reboot. Kernel Panic in AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. I made a Clover 2957 installer stick following this guide...
  4. linw

    Clean Install on Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3

    I made a new Unibeast stick with Yosemite for upgrading my Mavericks machine with F12 BIOS. It won't boot using the PCI flags I have used for years (-v PCIRootUID=0). Is the UEFI upgrade the only way out? I would have to swap my system drive and install Windows for BIOS upgrade and I would...
  5. linw

    NVIDIA Web Drivers for 10.9.x Mavericks Found!

    Then... what's the benefit of the driver? I don't have any issues so what could be improved? I have a GTX660 2GB with OOB support and CUDA driver for better performance in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  6. linw

    DSDT for Dell Latitude E5520

    Your signature says your current laptop is HP 4530s. Did you give up on the E5520 or did it work?
  7. linw

    What Monitor or Display Do You Use?

    Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM 2560x1440 + Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, monitor foot replaced with arm from Ergotron for free movement 1050x1680 (oh yes, pivot!)
  8. linw

    Someone Please help my FCPX will not start on my hackintosh

    I'd say a file is corrupted. Is the other Mac also running 10.8? Have you tried trashing your settings (plist files and FCPX application support folders)? Drag FCPX into AppCleaner, reinstall FCPX.
  9. linw

    Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X

    Propellerhead Balance, check. Yamaha n8, check. Put it next to n12 already in the list. ESI GigaPort HD. Works on every OS, plug&play all class-compliant USB audio device.
  10. linw

    Testing Thread: GeForce GTX 660

    Used the HD3000 (Mac mini 5,1 system profile) until today. I read Buyer's Guide June 2013 and decided to grab one of the graphics cards as I bought a 2nd high-res monitor. So I chose the GTX 660 (overclocked) from Gigabyte due to DisplayPort, DVI Dual Link and a nice price tag. And it was said...
  11. linw

    Kernel panic in FakeSMC + HWSensors [Core2Duo E4400]

    I went back to SL. iBoot + SL 10.6.3 (-v PCIRootUID=0 acpi=off GraphicsEnabler=off at CD boot, arch=i386 npci=0x2000 after installation) Will try to upgrade to 10.8 from here...
  12. linw

    Kernel panic in FakeSMC + HWSensors [Core2Duo E4400]

    I would really appreciate ideas/suggestions.
  13. linw

    Can't get wifi working on my GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB board

    Got hold of a GC-WB300D and it seems to be just a PCIe-adapter for the mini-PCIe card Atheros AR5B22. I wonder if the Gigabyte card can be used as a general wireless adapter for mini-PCIe WiFi? Detaching the Atheros card and plugging an Apple Airport MB988ZM/A into the mini-PCIe slot...
  14. linw

    Intel HD4000 + AMD HD5830 at the same time

    Oh, I didn't find that obvious but I appreciate your answer. :)
  15. linw

    Intel HD4000 + AMD HD5830 at the same time

    Is it the Mac Mini SMBIOS? I mean, the Mac mini 6.2 won't fit a HD5830? But the Mac Pro won't support the HD4000?
  16. linw

    Intel HD4000 + AMD HD5830 at the same time

    GrahicsEnabler=yes finds the HD4000 and the best resolution so I had no reason to specify a custom resolution. It is the AMD GPU that is bugging me. Both displays are 1280x1024.
  17. linw

    Intel HD4000 + AMD HD5830 at the same time

    I'm trying to make a dual GPU setup using a Gigabyte Z77X-UP5-TH, Intel Core i7 3770K with HD4000 and an AMD HD5830. One screen from HD4000, one or two screens from HD5830. The HD4000 works fine with Mac mini SMBIOS + GraphicsEnabler=yes. Any resolution works and both GPUs are detected in...
  18. linw

    Eject Button in ML

    All my SATA 3 ports (both Intel Z68 and Marvell 88SE917) are detected as External now, even if AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext is installed and the system cache is rewritten by Kext utility. I tried the AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext from Multibeast 5.2.1, no good. I also tried the kext supplied by Dil83...
  19. linw

    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    Thanks, I didn't get the Clover stick to work so this is very welcome!
  20. linw

    Kernel panic in FakeSMC + HWSensors [Core2Duo E4400]

    Hi, trying to make something out of a HP dx2300 (Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 GHz) with a GeForce 8600GT (Dual DVI) inside. 10.8.2 installation using Unibeast. EasyBeast applied in Multibeast 5.2.1. - Stuck at the spinning wheel at boot. Kernel panic not visible. - Verbose mode reveals kernel...