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  1. Mrgeque

    Did crAPPle steal SideCar?

    while looking thru my processes in Mojave 10.14.5 I noticed a sidecar process. when doing a bit of research, I found this article that spoke of a PRODUCT named sidecar which connected a MacBook to an iPad just as the sidecar feature in Catalina. just curious...
  2. Mrgeque

    RCBA disabled cannot use it

    I was looking thru my log and noticed I had an entry stating "RCBA disabled cannot use it" Is this something I should worry about? if so what's the fix? for my dell 7573 running Mojave 10.14.5? thanks in advanced.
  3. Mrgeque

    why I'm am blocked from alll the threads I NEED

    every thread I need to get info from all of sudden says I have no permission. is there any reason for that?
  4. Mrgeque

    syntax error unexpected PARSEOP_SUBTRACT

    I'm having trouble compiling dsdt for battery status on Asus Q301l. previously, I had not installed a new battery for this laptop so I was only using laptop when connected to charger. I installed the new battery and realized that the dsdt I was using for audio, was actually to a Sony Vaio. fast...
  5. Mrgeque

    ASUS Q301L i5 4200u EFI

    does anyone have a WORKING efi folder for Asus q301l with trackpad working pinch to zoom and touchscreen fully?
  6. Mrgeque

    Debug Generated

    Hello all, I've successfully generated a debug zip! I was getting some sort of error in the debug screen when it boots up. so I generated a debug zip can somebody take a look and get back to me? thanks
  7. Mrgeque

    [Solved] HS 10.13 FULL installer

    can anyone please post a link to ANY high Sierra full installer? I cannot find 1 anywhere
  8. Mrgeque

    aorus gaming 7 8700k HELP PLEASE!!!!

    I'm new to the forum,Hello to all. I am currently having trouble getting my hack up and running. I have aorus gaming 7 mobo 8700k cpu corsair lpx 3200mhz gtx 1080ti 11gb. I can install Mojave sometimes but without sound and my graphics card only says 7mb. I've looked at several guides but none...