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  1. adambuble2

    HP BS015dx Support?

    I just bought this laptop today and after having used MacOS for years, its hard to adjust to Windows.....I want to go back to MacOS Sierra if possible. Here is what I know about the computer CPU: Intel i5 7th gen -7200U GPU: Intel 620
  2. adambuble2

    Dell Inspiron 17R (N7110)

    I found a Dell Inspiron N7110 that I put on layaway and was wondering if I can get Mavericks on it (I already have a Mavericks USB prepared from before my ProBook died on me). I don't know ALL the specs but I do know the following and I think it should be enough to determine if it will work (I...
  3. adambuble2

    Laptop Compatibility

    I recently killed my ProBook 4530s and can't really afford to spend alot of money on a laptop so I am went to the pawn shop and they had a decent selection of laptops but I didn't have the ability to look up the computers there, so i wrote down the model numbers and the CPU. If anyone can tell...
  4. adambuble2

    Wifi stopped working

    My wifi has been working perfectly fine until one day I turned on my computer and it wouldn't pick up anything. It shows up and acts like its scanning/connecting to Wifi connection, but it won't show any networks. I have done the following things I've removed it, re-added it and rebooted I've...
  5. adambuble2

    Random Reboots?

    I having problems with my computer randomly rebooting. Its not when i'm doing any one thing. I can be watching a movie with Mac Blu-Ray program, watching YouTube or just surfing the web. It reboots at least once a day. No hardware has been added, etc. Below is the Problem Report for OS X...
  6. adambuble2

    Probook4530s only boots from USB installer

    i had this working for awhile then my hard drive failed. I replaced the drive and set everything back up the same as before using my installer usb. However, now I cannot boot from internal drive without using the USB drive nor does wifi or sound work as it did before. The only thing that has...
  7. adambuble2

    ExpressCard Slot??

    I was watching a video on YouTube about using the ProBook 4530s with an eGPU...the guy that did the video was running Windows 7 and using the ExpressCard slot...I didn't even KNOW the 4530s *HAD* and ExpressCard slot....I looked at the service manual and it said its the 34mm one....i'm assuming...
  8. adambuble2

    Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

    I think this would make a fantastic Hackintosh......maybe before too long folks can see if it will work.....I know the touch screen more than likely won't work but still if you dual-boot it, u can use the Windows part with touchscreen and use the OS X part with the 1080p screen :)....
  9. adambuble2

    16gb ram?

    I have seen posts where people have put more than 8GB in their ProBook, I would like to see GeekBench scores or even video on how the system runs with more than the 8GB, even it stable? Will Windows recognize it if I do decide to go the dual-boot route?
  10. adambuble2

    Parallels 8 = Reboot?

    I am having with Parallels...I have Parallels 7 and when I tried to install Windows 8 64-bit it made my computer it just Windows 8 that does this? I have a Windows 7 disk as well.....
  11. adambuble2

    AppStore Not working?

    I have Snow Leopard 10.6.7 installed (10.6.8 gives TONS of problems) and I can't access the Mac App says "unknown error occurred"......the log-in info is right, if you type that in wrong it will say invalid username/password.....I can use it on the 10.8.4 so there is no problems with...
  12. adambuble2

    HP ProBook 4530s Screen Upgrade?

    I'm sorry if this has already been a topic, but I have no clue exactly what to search for.....I currently have the 1366x768 screen in matte finish.....I have heard you can replace the screen with a higher resolution screen? Does it do 1080p video? I love watching HD video on my...
  13. adambuble2

    Will Apple Magic Trackpad have multi-touch?

    If I went and got an "Official" Apple Magic Trackpad would the 3 & 4 finger gestures work like a real Mac? swiping between pages, etc....
  14. adambuble2

    Toshiba Satellite L305-S5915 Long delay after reboot

    I have OS X 10.6 on my Toshiba Satellite L305-S5915. The laptop is a 2.0Ghz Celeron with 4GB RAM. It worked perfectly on 10.6.7 but when I did the update to 10.6.8 it is unresponsive to keyboard and mouse (and internal trackpad) for a good 10 minutes....HOWEVER, if I boot from a boot CD, it...
  15. adambuble2

    ProBook 4530s Hardware upgrades anyone?

    I have the ProBook 4530s with 2.40Ghz i5 CPU and 4GB RAM with a 500GB standard drive....I get about 5000 on GeekBench 64-bit....anyone have this same particular model with i7, SSD and 8GB RAM??? I know I have seen someone go from an i3 to an i7 and don't know if they did more or just that....was...
  16. adambuble2

    ProBook randomly freezes

    Okay, I am now on OS X 10.8.4....used the ProBook Installer 6.1 b15 and followed step by step in the set-up guide....and now, the only problem I am having is random freezing....sometimes its after 15 minutes and sometimes its long enough to watch a full 1 hour video.....
  17. adambuble2

    Disable Trackpad on HP Probook 4530s

    Is there any way to disable the internal touchpad? It is driving me crazy....I rather use a external mouse.....I have been trying several times to type this out and my damn hand would brush against the touchpad causing me to shift the cursor over messing up the typing......its a pain!!! So...