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  1. PaulAdrien

    MBP 2010 : Can't install SL with Crucial M500

    Hello everybody ! I have a weird issue happening with my MacBook Pro 15" Mid-2010, i7. In an effort to prolong its life, I've bought and installed a new battery (non OEM) from iFixit and a Crucial M500 120GB. I follow iFixit guide to install both part and everything went beautifully. I...
  2. PaulAdrien

    Error in console every 10 seconds

    Hello all, I've been getting a repeating error in my console every 10 seconds. Should I be concerned about it ? Does anybody knows where this come from ? Thanks
  3. PaulAdrien

    MIDIServer crash

    Hello, I have a recurrent crash in the console, basically every 10 seconds (see below) I think it might have to do something with my Digidesign 002R firewire drivers but even if I remove all the firewire plugins from Library/Audio/Midi Drivers I still get it.. Does anybody has an idea of...
  4. PaulAdrien

    AGPM and iMac13,1 question

    Recently I've been fixing little details in my rig. Last thing I done was creating an SSDT for my 3570k thanks to the great guide by Toleda. Now that it is working, I was wondering about editing AGPM in order for Mavericks to fully use my GTX760 (note that I have a second one in SLI, that I know...
  5. PaulAdrien

    Chimera partitions number changing.

    Hello, I'm running OSX 10.9.3 with Chimera V2.2.1 r2248. Sometimes, and in that case right after the 10.9.3 update, the partition numbers change in Chimera. To put it simple, my main OSX SSD is 0,2 and Windows SSD is 1,1 and I hid a partition (Windows Extra HD) 4,2. However, when I rebooted...