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  1. neilhart

    G4 Cube Alternate Touch Power Button

    Thank you for sharing your mod and photos of your collection of cubes. Good moding, neil
  2. neilhart

    neilhart's scratch build SFF case project - My Way # 21

    I am running with the first module in this case (i7-6700K) and the system is up 24/7 and is my "news" machine keeping an eye/ear on the world about me. The system idles in the low to mid 20's and will run Prime95 torture test without issue getting to mid to high 70's. The system is about 2.5...
  3. neilhart

    Adafruit Touch Sensor Wiring

    Sorry for not keeping current. When using a device like the Mini-box picoPSU your options are to use a short extender cable to gain access to the purple wire (stand-by 5VDC power) and one of the black wires (ground), or if you are skilled with soldering you can just tack wires to the needed...
  4. neilhart

    neilhart's Mac Pro Hack

    Checknout this web site: good modding neil
  5. neilhart

    neilhart's Mac Pro Hack

    David, My front panel: The firewire cable is routed to the add-in PCIe Firewire card. And the card has the pin molex wired with 5 VDC and Ground. The audio cable (small round cable) is grafted to a PC HD-AUDIO cable; see post #4 and # 15. The SATA cable seen near the bottom of the photo is...
  6. neilhart

    neilhart's Mac Pro Hack

    Well as you might imagine, my build had a lot of ego in it. Meaning today I would not do the firewire because I don't use any firewire devices. The USB 2.0 stuff is documented and the power button and LED is also documented. if you ask a specific question I may be able to help with the...
  7. neilhart

    neilhart's Mac Pro Hack

    Well it depends on your goals. If you can live with the LaserHive front panel mod offering that is the least painful way to go. If you can solder and de-solder and you have good eye sight it is possible to mod the existing front panel printed circuit assembly. I assume that you have read...
  8. neilhart

    BCM94352Z installed on ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming - WiFi and BT

    You will need to pose that question to the community as I do not use Windows 10 except on one system that has a BCM94352HMB WiFi card and Win 10 does support that card. I use some Windows apps to interface to my Openbuilds CNC router, otherwise I run only macOS. neil
  9. neilhart

    BCM94352Z installed on ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming - WiFi and BT

    Yes either WiFi/BT card can be used in the ASUS Z170i replacing the incompatible original. You should note that using the BCM94360CS2 with the adapter is my current recommendation but the pair of cards stand too tall to fit the original slot with the metal cards cover in place. I leave that...
  10. neilhart

    neilhart's completed case mods

    I have added one of my recent projects to the top of the list. See "My Way # 21". Note that "My Way # 22" will follow when I find the time to complete the documentation. Good Modding neil
  11. neilhart

    MINI PowerMac G5 HACKINTOSH (3D Printable)

    I think that your project is GREAT! How long does it take to print the main case? neil
  12. neilhart

    Can I install hackintosh on my rig?

    The search feature is your friend. And yes your system can run macOS. You will need to use the Nvidia web drivers for your 750TI. Good modding, neil
  13. neilhart

    In need of extra side panel metal clips

    Are these clips the ones that you need? Good modding, neil
  14. neilhart

    neilhart's scratch build SFF case project - My Way # 21

    Well the good news is that it appears that my “on order” Dan case and Ghost S1 are both getting closer to shipping. The word is that Dan case ships before the end of the month. Good timing as I see this project nearly complete. As seen in this post, I have completed the second compute...
  15. neilhart

    Parts picking advice

    Welcome to the forum. First you should read the rules and note that this forum does not support AMD CPUs and we do not discuss related topics. So in your G5 hack project, you should think Intel CPU and I suggest that you look at Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards as this allows you to keep...
  16. neilhart

    Not detecting WiFi

    I use and recommend this, see post # 10 for photos. The Airport card is from Amazon/Bestcompu New Airtport WiFI Bluetooth Card BCM94360CS2 and the M.2 adapter is from Amazon/Hobbypower...
  17. neilhart

    neilhart's scratch build SFF case project - My Way # 21

    I was some what disappointed with the Silverstone SX650-G PSU in that the inlet power receptacle was oriented in the assembly turned 180 degrees from that of the ST45SF-G. I looked at several alternatives but finally decided that I needed the form of the ST45SF-G. My solution was to swap the...
  18. neilhart

    8700k or 8700t

    I have a 8700T running in my current project as seen here: in post 10. This "T" version appears to be a great chip with 6 cores and 12 threads running. I will get around to bench marks when time...
  19. neilhart

    neilhart's scratch build SFF case project - My Way # 21

    I found that the new system would boot and run from a clone copy of High Sierra from my rMBP which encouraged me to use the latest TonyMacX86 UniBeast and MultiBeast tools to build a USB installer. I had an AppStore copy of High Sierra 10.3.3 on my server and used that with UniBeast and was...
  20. neilhart

    neilhart's scratch build SFF case project - My Way # 21

    I tested the 300 watt PSU and found it to be “bad” on the tester and also tried it on this motherboard which would not POST. So I am using an old Antec PSU and have ordered up a Silverstone 650w SFX unit which should arrive tomorrow. I have the new module started and I am using my drill...