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  1. taro4791

    Overclocking Gigabyte RX560 Gaming possible? And how to do it?

    Hi, as i wrote in another thread i added a RX560 to my hackintosh which runs fine with my build and mojave. Now is it possible to overclock the card to have some additonal performance? And if yes, how can i do that, i have no clue? I tried with VMWare Fusion and MSI Afterburner but it does...
  2. taro4791

    New Graphic Card for Gigabyte ga-h170n-wifi & Mojave

    Hi, currently i'm running my Hackintosh with onboard graphics and High Sierra, but i like to upgrade to a dedicated graphic card an OS Mojave. Can you give me an advise which Card i should buy? I mainly us my Hacky for Photoshop and iMovie... so it doesn't need to be a high end gaming card...