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  1. Samuel84

    Solved > boot error with UniBeast and normal partition

    Dear all, My bios broke so I needed to reflash, after that I can't boot anymore in my normal partition Mojave 10.14.6 Beta. I did not have any issue before the bios broke. After Bios reflash I get a boot error via Unibeast into my normal partition and I get the End Random Seed Message when I...
  2. Samuel84

    Solved > Boot error with unibeast and normal partition

    Dear all, My bios broke so I needed to reflash, after that I can't boot anymore in my normal partition Mojave 10.14.6 Beta. I did not have any issue before the bios broke. After Bios reflash I get a boot error via Unibeast into my normal partition and I get the End Random Seed Message when I...
  3. Samuel84

    Solved: Smbios 19,1 with Fenvie T919

    Hi there, Does anyone has this combination working properly? i do have the following issues: I installed the special build 10.14.4 for 19,1 Imac 2019. Since then i cant turnoff bluetooth anymore. The strange thing is that in the bluetooth preferences shows that i have a Ericsson device. But i...
  4. Samuel84

    760gtx flicker via displayport

    Hi there, I have a Z390 Aorus Master, 9900K and a 760Gtx, which is natively supported still in 10.14.3 Mojave. BUT: I would only recommend to us it with a HDMI Cable. Displayport is flickering. But i‘m astonished i get it running 3440x1440 over HDMI @ 60Hz...Any Idea how to get displayport with...
  5. Samuel84

    ABWB Wifi Card no sleep -> instant wake up

    Hi there, So I purchased recently a ABWB Wifi PCIE Bluettooth Card with BCM943602CS Chip on it. I was never capable of getting sleep working, means I have instant wake up from sleep because of the ABWB Card. The USB Header is set to internal. I have a USBport.kext which works. Please find my...
  6. Samuel84

    Solved: imac 18.3 igpu headless and nvidia gtx 760

    Hi there, I have a Z390 Aorus Master with 9900K, Smbios 18.3, 10.14.3 Mojave and a NVidia gtx 760 with native apple drivers, this kepler card is natively supported. To get quick look I set up with hackintool the uhd 630 as headless igpu. Now Quicklook works but I have stuttering youtube videos...
  7. Samuel84

    Solved > After RC Scripts - no more shutdown

    Hi I‘m running a z390 aorus master and intel 9900k on 10.14.2. There is no writable nvram so i decided to install emuvariable uefi and rc scripts+optional rc scripts to get writable nvram for imessage and so on. But since the rc scripts i get no more shutdown. Aptiomemoryfix is not running but...
  8. Samuel84

    iMac 18.3 or MacMini 8.1 for Z390

    Dear all, Some uses 18.3 for a z390 build some use mac mini. Are there any known advantages, disadvantages for the use of one or the other?
  9. Samuel84

    Request Z390 Aorus Master Custom SSDT

    Hi there, Does anyone have a fully customised ssdt for USB for Z390 Aorus Master? Best Regards Samuel
  10. Samuel84

    Wrong Kext in L/E

    Hello, Unfortunately i wanted to check HW Sensor 3 and put those kext in L/E and not Kext/Other. Right now i cant boot anymore as well not with unibeast clover. How can i force unibeast clover on my boot volume only boot with the kext/other and not L/E. i dont get it? Unibeast 8.3.2 high...
  11. Samuel84

    No TimeMaschine Backup visible to restore

    Dear all, I use a 9900K and Z390 Aorus Master. Created Unibeast for High Sierra and installed. In recovery mode i would like to recover my backup via time maschine. I try to reach the recovery partition over the unibeast stick in which i put mausi, fakesmc, lilu, whatever kext. I can boot into...
  12. Samuel84

    [Solved] Boot stuck after network changes

    Hello, I have an issue, after i wanted to change the network environment in system preferences i cant boot anymore not in single mode not in safemode nor withthe unibeast stick, i cant boot into the partition. I triedto clear nvram and rebuild kextcache from recovery but i cant get it donefrom...
  13. Samuel84

    Overclock 9900K

    Hi there, Just wanted to know if Piker Alpha's ssdtPRGen is available for 9900k? Or is it better to overclock and enable native CPU Powermanagement via Clover for Z390 and 9900K?$ Thanks for answer. Bst Regards Samuel
  14. Samuel84

    Gigabyte Z390 Designare

    Hello, Gigabyte released another very interesting Z390 board. And finally it has built in Thunderbolt 3 ports which can deliver up to 8K so the chip must be the same like in the titan ridge. One very interesting feature is that as mentioned it could run NVMe PCIe SSD directly to the CPU means...
  15. Samuel84

    Clover GUI Custom Entries Boot

    Hello there, I would like to set up Custom Boot Entries that i can read the boot partition not as like :"bott mac osx form mac osx" but just "High Sierra"... The thing i noticed is, that since high sierra i have constantly changing boot disk devices with every boot...With High Sierra i just...
  16. Samuel84

    [Solved] 10.12.6 -> 10.13.6 hang at boot screen

    Hi, I‘m planning to upgrade. But High Sierra is not anymore available in the App Store. So i would need to use the Combo Update? Shouldit work as well? Are the steps the same? Could i use apfs.efi from this thread here (is theversion ok or i need to take out apfs.efi out of the Combo Installer)...
  17. Samuel84

    Free Sync / GSync setup which works

    Hi everybody, In several forums some report that free sync gsync work some not. So this thread should be used for hardware combinations: graphicscard+monitor combinations which works. This should help to give people a helping hand what to buy. Thanks for mentioning your working setup. Best...
  18. Samuel84

    [Solved] Unibeast 7 Stuck at bootloader screen

    Hi, i did several attempts to create a unibeast 7.1.1 usb with sierra 10.12.5 bout could not do it... Here my var log. I tried it with 2 different usb sticks. May 21 18:05:13 imac diskmanagementd[7396]: DM ->T-[DMToolBootPreference...
  19. Samuel84

    Help SSDT Ivy Bridge

    Hello, I compiled SSDT.aml and put it in clover into acpi patched folder. I'm running a slight overclock of 4.4 ghz with an i3770k. My smbios is imac 13,2. When i use the ssdt.aml and just use drop oem in clover i dont get the speesteps right. It stuck at 800Mhz. What do i need to change in...
  20. Samuel84

    [Solved] Boot without nvdisable=1 not possible in 10.12.5

    I have serious Problems. Never had issues since 10.8.5. i7-3770K on Z77X-UP5 TH, same config as Stork. I'm running a GTX 760. I cannot boot without nv_disable=1 since the update to 10.12.5. This is very new to me, since GTX 760 was usually ever native supported by the OS. Any Idea why 760gtx is...