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  1. Kylex427

    Fenvi T919 WiFi and CSR8510 Bluetooth USB Mojave Success

    Have you already made an SSDT for the USB port limit? If not, your Fenvi bluetooth will probably work after that just fine.
  2. Kylex427

    [Success] ROG Maximus XI Hero + i9-9900K + Radeon VII + Dual boot Windows/macOS

    I have the same motherboard and CPU, and I couldn't be happier! It truly is a powerhouse of a setup! Congratz on the successful build! :) -Kyle
  3. Kylex427

    macOS 10.14.5 Update

    Updated without an issue! :) I'm so glad that we no longer need vegatab! It works like a charm now without it! <3
  4. Kylex427

    [10.14.4] Wifi networks detected, but not connecting (BCM943602CS)

    I have a Z390 motherboard as well, and I couldn't get the wifi or bluetooth to work until I went into bios and disabled the wifi and bluetooth on the actual motherboard. Have you tried this?
  5. Kylex427

    SMBios 19.x - iMacs 2019

    I have been leaving both of these blank. Should I make these two changes? Also, I'm sorry for being a noob about this stuff, but do we want it to recognize our iGPU as "Intel HD Graphics CFL"? -Kyle
  6. Kylex427

    [Help needed] SSDT for ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi)

    Hello, everyone! I just bought an i9-9900k and an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) motherboard, which I'm absolutely in love with. HOWEVER, with a new motherboard comes a new SSDT for USB-Inject-All. It's been a while since I made one, so I'm not sure if I made the new one correctly. Would...
  7. Kylex427

    SMBios 19.x - iMacs 2019

    I just updated to the newest version of Clover Configurator, and it says, "i7 9900k". Is that a typo? Does it mean: "i9 9900k"?
  8. Kylex427

    [Beta release] NativeDisplayBrightness 0.0.5 testing [updated]

    I'm actually having the same issue! I hope someone has the answer. -Kyle
  9. Kylex427

    Asus RX VEGA 64 - Memory Clock runs High !!!

    I have that exact same card, and it works beautifully thanks to VGTab. You can download it in PastyChef's post here. If you need instructions on how to use it, there's videos on the process. -Kyle
  10. Kylex427

    Radeon VII (and new AMD gpus) compatibility

    @brandonhe How and where did you get that Clover boot screen? I want it so bad!
  11. Kylex427

    Enable USB charging while system is off - Gigabyte GA-H87-HD3

    Did you ever find the answer to this?
  12. Kylex427

    Random Kernel Panic

    Hello, y'all! I keep having a random kernel panic when I try to shutdown or restart my computer. But it only happens like every 5th or so restart/shutdown. I have the panic log. Can anyone please have a look and see if they can see what it means? I tried, but it might as well be Greek. Very...
  13. Kylex427

    Thunderbolt PCIE Card

    Concrete, I hope you can find one because I've been looking for one too! Please, post it here if you find one on another website! -Kyle
  14. Kylex427

    Which SMBIOS for Vega 64

    I have a remotely close setup to yours, and I was having all kinds of issues with iMac Pro 1,1. After I switched to iMac 18,3, almost all of my issues went away. With 18,3, I was able to get native GPU and CPU management. All in all, 18,3 has just been an amazing experience with my 8th gen CPU...
  15. Kylex427

    Display went ballistic…

    Unfortunately, the Nvidia Web Drivers for Mojave haven’t been released yet. If you’re wanting to use a Nvidia card, your best bet is to go back to High Sierra. Or you can do what most people are doing and switch to an AMD GPU like a 580 because they work quite nicely OOB. Also, I guess you...
  16. Kylex427

    Geforce GTX 750 ti not working with High Sierra 10.13.6

    You shouldn't have to use "nv_disable=1" because that's the complete opposite of what you're doing with "inject nvidia" and "Nvidiaweb". Remove the nv_disable=1 boot argument, and you should be fine! -Kyle
  17. Kylex427

    Geforce GTX 750 ti not working with High Sierra 10.13.6

    Without looking at your EFI folder, I can't really tell you much. However, I do have one last suggestion. If you use Clover Configurator, go to the "System Parameters" tab. Once there, make sure you have "NvidiaWeb" selected. Once you do that, try to boot with "Inject Nvidia" and "NvidiaWeb"...
  18. Kylex427

    Geforce GTX 750 ti not working with High Sierra 10.13.6

    Spence, Have you already installed the Nvidia Web Drivers for High Sierra? -Kyle
  19. Kylex427

    Won't boot cause of an "persistent enumeration failure"

    Are you using a USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, or type C flash drive to do the installation? Also, does your motherboard have any USB 2.0 ports?
  20. Kylex427

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    I plugged in a USB3 to ethernet adapter, and like I said earlier, it only shows up if it's plugged into that port when I boot into the computer.