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  1. kimberwhitehead

    PLEASE help I am all out of ideas what is wrong

    Can anyone please help...i updated to Mojave public beta. Sadly, it did not work out. I have since tried to go back to my UniBeast High Sierra but am having absolutely no luck...I click to install, and all it does is Apple logo runs to install and then the monitor goes dead nothing installs and...
  2. kimberwhitehead

    mmmmm preview app issues when opening jpegs??

    My specs are: HP 700-230ea Intel i7 4770 3.4 GHz AMD Raedon R9 270 I have absolutely everything running, the only issue i am experiencing is the fact when i go to open a jpeg file, the preview app hangs...this does not happen with png files.. and my SMBIOS is all setup I got...
  3. kimberwhitehead

    [Solved] Boot Loop After Mojave install

    bootloop after os mojava install hackintosh? I have installed and just keep boot relooping never actually getting in...or when I did using the high sierra clover it got to a grey screen and stayed there for hours? am i missing something?
  4. kimberwhitehead

    How to set Sierra Finder to “Show All” by default instead of “Show Less”

    every time I open my default "finder" which I have selected to be my applications, I get the below. I have tried all variants, Anyone out there know of a terminal command or something to kill this "feature"? I would like my files to "Show All" by default ALWAYS when sorting by type or label or...
  5. kimberwhitehead

    [Solved] help?

    so i finally took the plunge and upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra.... and OMG it actually worked..installed and everything I was in high Sierra...until I realised I had to reinstall the graphics and sound... the minute I hit the restart its all gone and I cannot get back in, all it does is...
  6. kimberwhitehead

    sierra install

    I created the Sierra install using UniBeast 7.1.1...everything works fine until I go to load it up to install and I get no further than the I doing something wrong? I never had this issue with El Capitan... Sure im just being blonde but any help is appreciated at this point...
  7. kimberwhitehead

    High Sierra installing help?

    So....I have been able to create the high sierra usb install with unibeast 8 and I would be happy if I was able to use it to install high sierra, however, every time that I try I get the apple cog wheel of death. is there something I am missing? I currently have the latest install of sierra on...
  8. kimberwhitehead

    [Solved] can anyone advise?

    on sierra my applications ALWAYS opens in the below format and I HATE IT as I always have to change it to "show more", is there a way to permanently stop it doing that and just open will ALL applications showing please? As it is driving me insane!!!
  9. kimberwhitehead

    can anyone help?

    I am trying to install El Capitan using unibeast. Sadly it has been stuck at "Instaling Bootloader" since Friday??? I am sure that's not meant to be that long? I have tried various ports and usb sticks. I decided to open up the clover install log sitting inside the usb stick and it showed a...
  10. kimberwhitehead

    AMD Radeon R9 270 with El Capitan

    PLEASE HELP!!!! I have the AMD Radeon R9 270 graphic card that came with the HP 700-230a purchased. I now have El Capitan installed however have NO idea how to get my graphics card working with my new install. PLEASE be gentle as I am a complete noob my bios is not UEFI and I don't have DSDT...
  11. kimberwhitehead

    logitech pro 9000 working with el capitan?

    Hi All, Well I have managed to upgrade to El Capitan, however cannot get the webcam to work in Skype? It shows up working in the preferences however, the minute I click video call I can't see the other person and the little box where I should see my own webcam is black, however they can see...