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  1. fr0n1k

    [solved] Windows time problem with dual-boot

    Hi to all, i have a problem with windows time, and yes, i have changed it to make windows look for time as mac os (in registy) and this works, but.. After every reboot the time resets, and i need to move the time tongles after boot to apply this again..
  2. fr0n1k

    [solved] Black Screen after 10.12 -> 10.12.4 update

    I was normally used 10.12, then prefered to update, everything was fine, but after update i can't boot mac os, everytime after logo and progress bar i see only black screen.. In verbose i got black screen after this: The situation is the same with every different clovers that i use, but here is...
  3. fr0n1k

    AppleBackling don't work in 10.12

    Hi all, and especially to RehabMan) I've followed RehabMan's guide to make Backlight work, but something went wrong, so I need help. Here is my clover folder
  4. fr0n1k

    Windows do not want to let the clover loading at all

    I've followed the RehabMan guide to re-name the windows bootmgfw.efi to orig, but after SINGLE launch, not the UPDATE or something else, windows overwrites this file to previous state. So, i ve come to the second part and tryes to use ubuntu, but.. After reboot, clover dissappears from boot...
  5. fr0n1k

    Notebook can't fall into the sleep

    When i press sleep in the apple menu or just closing my monitor, screen goes back, after some time hack seems to go sleep for a second and then just reboots(
  6. fr0n1k

    [solved] How to make ALC283 work?

    I've installed the alc283 kext and codeccommander kext with kext wizard, then rebuilded cache and rebooted several times, buut... What should i do, what i forgot?
  7. fr0n1k

    [solved] Can't start el capitan after sucessfull installation.

    Hi, i've installed el capitan to my notebook, and just reached it, it was fine worked, but i've pressed apple - sleep, and then my notebook rebooted? After that i can't launch it, can anyone help me? I'm booting clover from USB stick, because I have no clover on my hdd yet. UPD. Recovery doesn't...
  8. fr0n1k

    Can't reach macOS Sierra installer on V3-371-52QE

    Hi! i have made an bootable usb, than tryes to launch install process of Sierra and got this errors, can anyone help me? I've used createinstall method, mac os was downloaded from the app store from my mac. With the el capitan installation i got no problems.. Acer v3-371-52QE, i5-5200u...
  9. fr0n1k

    Fusion drive on SSHD?

    Hi to everyone. I have an interesting question... I've got sshd drive in my notebook, and i know, that the same used by apple for fusion drive technology... So if there is a possibility to use my drive the same way?
  10. fr0n1k

    Want to install Mac OS 10.11+ on Acer V3-371-52QE

    Hi everyone! I want to install el capitan on my Acer and make a dual boot for windows. As for now i only got windows. My graphics is - intel hd 5500 and I saw on the forums that it raises many problems. By the way, i set the bios video memory to 128 mb So, what sould i start with? I can easily...
  11. fr0n1k

    Hi there, please, help me with Acer v3-371-52QE

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my English (i am from Russia). I have a laptop, with i5-5200u and HD5500... I want to install Mac OS 10.11, but i don't know what to start with... Can anyone explain me? I was trying it near year ago, maverics seems to work, but i've got lots of problems with yosemite...
  12. fr0n1k

    El capitan failed to format ntfs hdd partion

    Hi everyone, i have strange problem. I have created a usb with clover and mac os el capitan installer by createmedia metod. I have a hdd in my notebook, in windows 8.1 i have partioned it on 2 parts, one windows, one for feature mac os, called it macintosh HD and choosed ntfs file system. So...
  13. fr0n1k

    Acer Aspire v3-371-52QE with i5-5200u

    Hi! Can you please help me? I have Acer Aspire v3-371-52QE with i5-5200u and Intel HD graphics. I tried to install mac os with clover, but i cant reach the Disk Utility for erasing data before install... Black screen with apple logo and progress line stops at the middle of process, then my Acer...