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  1. yanisalbert

    After bios update can't boot.

    Hi, i made the bios update on my laptop today and i can't boot any more. It stops at AGDCBackLightControl: Didn't find DPMicro. I tried with the UHD 630 disabled in the bios, and with the Nvidia GPU it can boot but no support for Nvidia. Wifi, bluetooth, sound are ok but graphics not working...
  2. yanisalbert

    BCM94360NG Bluetooth turn off option greyed out

    Hi, bluetooth is working fine. I can use my Magic mouse in the bios, but the option to turn off the bluetooth in system preferences is greyed out. How to fix it?
  3. yanisalbert

    TP-Link Archer T9E not working

    Hi i need some help. i bought this card because it works oob but it doesn't appear. I tried other slots but nothing change. In Win 10 it works well. What can i do?
  4. yanisalbert

    SandboxViolationwith sudo dmesg

    Hi I need some help. I upgraded from El capitan, i boot in 10s. Everything is Ok but when i use sudo dmesg in terminal, i have a lot of Sandbox Violation in the result. I attached the result. When i boot in verbose i have also HID: Legacy shim 2 but it goes on. What's wrong? sorry for my english.