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  1. surfstu

    Memory corrupted after longer sleep

    Thanks guys! I asked gigabyte for latest bios for Z97 D3H(ignore my profile build), told them i was having memory instability issues, and they instantly sent me f10c bios. Totally fixed my system, completley stable even from deep sleep - very pleased to be back! Stu
  2. surfstu

    El Capitan . Z97-D3H shutdown in sleep

    For anyone having issues with Z97 D3H system crash when waking from sleep, and does not have the recommended memory (by gigabyte) installed then get bios F10c from gigabyte. My system is totally stable now even from deep sleep Stu
  3. surfstu

    [Guide] 10.11+ USB changes and solutions

    Hi Rehabman, Thanks for all your effort in the community. I have been out of the osx86 game for a while but was recently asked to build a machine for a friend. It was early days el capitan and I used z97 d3h gigabyte board with intel graphics. We agreed he wouldn't need USB 3 at present so I...
  4. surfstu

    Dual Output Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Motherboard

    ok, I used a z77ds3h board. Forget VGA as it is too difficult to get working on OSX I had DVI and HDMI running very smoothly from the HD4000 graphics on board the i5. One of the main things that enabled this to run smoothly was the mac mini system definition.... Are you using mac mini...
  5. surfstu

    Closed Thread: For FYI only > [GUIDE] 10.8 / How to enable HD4000

    10.8 / How to enable HD4000 Just wanted to say cheers for the original posters! Just managed to get DVI and HDMI working smoothly on my z77 ds3h using the 01620005 string
  6. surfstu

    z68xp-ud3 on F10 BIOS only 16x and 39x multipliers

    Oops, forgot to mention, this was on a z68xp ud3 bios 10
  7. surfstu

    z68xp-ud3 on F10 BIOS only 16x and 39x multipliers

    i Just simply changed the multiplier to 42 for 2600k and left everything else on auto Then i used Mac Mini 5.1 smbios from multibeast and i7 ssdt from multibeast in /extra folder You also need dropssdt=Yes in boot.plist s
  8. surfstu

    GA-Z68XP-UD3 UEFI / processor temps / fans speed

    FYI - I was under the impression that you need only type UseKernelCache=No in once Someone else might be able to correct me but I think that the cache of kexts will be rebuilt after this and you can then go back to UseKernelCache=Yes for faster boot Stu
  9. surfstu

    HDMI Audio on OS X Mountain Lion

    Article: HDMI Audio on OS X Mountain Lion Toleda rocks!
  10. surfstu

    Intel HD4000 VGA and HDMI

    So, there is no such thing as a DVI D to VGA adpator - Do not believe anyone whio tries to sell you one! My Z77 DS3h works perfectly with DVI and HDMI using HD4000 and MAc Mini system profile I really need VGA and HDMI.... anyone with any ideas? Stu
  11. surfstu

    Graphics Card for Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6

    Just use the Intel HD4000 graphics that come free with the i7 chip. This is plenty for most LR PS and FC uses. You can always drop in a good Nvidia card later when the price falls my two pence Stu
  12. surfstu

    Mountain Lion HDMI Audio - AMI DSDT

    Thanks Toleda, made a well deserved donation to the site, a great resource!! Stu
  13. surfstu

    Mountain Lion HDMI Audio - AMI DSDT

    Thanks for the heads up on that! So currently the 2 pin header on the ds3h can not be used with co-ax or optical to a dac? I would have to edit AppleHDA v2.3.0 to get any signal from the header? or am I wrong? Stuart
  14. surfstu

    Mountain Lion HDMI Audio - AMI DSDT

    Progress! Evening Toleda, Applied the edits and the DSDT compiled smoothly, cleared HDAEnabler1.kext and fixed permission - rebooted At first I could see it in system report but not in preferences So then I manually changed the Layout ID to 3 and I now have HDMI audio, you are a genius...
  15. surfstu

    GA-Z77-DS3H problem with SPDIF out (10.8.0)

    remove AppleHDA.kext and Enabler***.kext from S/L/E reinstall the kexts from multibeast but only the non dsdt ones How have you connected the SPDIF? did you use the 2 pin jumper on the z77 ds3h motherboard?
  16. surfstu

    Toshiba A660

    Yes, I run an A660 i5 almost perfectly with Lion, have not tried Mountain Lion yet, the i7 should work
  17. surfstu

    Mountain Lion HDMI Audio - AMI DSDT

    My mistake Toleda - sorry... Not back until thursday, but I just assembled a new dsdt from here and confirmed the edits had been made this time, Not sure how I managed to not patch the original last time! Will get back to you with ioreg when i return home... cheers Stu
  18. surfstu

    Mountain Lion HDMI Audio - AMI DSDT

    Thank you for your time... I have reinstalled HDAEnabler1.kext (is this correct?) I have used a clean DSDT and applied hdmi_audio_ami_efi_hd3000.txt patch without any edits Rebooted and saved ioreg I have attached the new edited dsdt and ioreg cheers Stu
  19. surfstu

    Mountain Lion HDMI Audio - AMI DSDT

    hi Toleda, I have Z77 ds3h and HD3000 (2500k) Just wandered if you know whether the incompatibility between Z77 and HD3000 will cause any unforseen issues with this guide. I have succesfully enabled the graphics by changing the MEI device ids in AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext and...