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  1. enzo13enzo

    MacOs Mojave RADEON R9-290 START IN CLOVER

    Hello guys, Thanks to your guides I have used mac os mojave up to now with a GTX 760 and the configuration visible in my profile. To date I have broken the gtx 760, and I would need to have my Mojave boot with a Radeon R9 290 4GB (not x) possibly from my Clover Boot Manager. Is there a "Boot...
  2. enzo13enzo

    HP Z210 - Nvidia Quadro FX3800 - Compatibility

    Hello all, i have find a Workstation HP Z210 CMT With: CPU: Intel Xeon E31240 3.30 GHZ RAM: 16 GB GPU: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800 I'd like to install a Mac version on it but I wanted to know which of the latest ones it could support. I wanna use the pc for Logic Pro X, 3D Drawing (Basic), website...
  3. enzo13enzo

    I have to buy a new graphic card

    P.S. I tried to run a GE Force 9800 GT and my integrated HD 2000 but I did not succeed. If there is a way to use them I will be happy anyway.
  4. enzo13enzo

    I have to buy a new graphic card

    Good evening, As a happy owner of a high sierra I wanted to ask for information related to the purchase of a video card. I state that until yesterday I worked quite well with a "GTX 560 Gainward" since it is broken I would like to buy one spending no more than 150/200€ obviously compatible with...
  5. enzo13enzo

    UPGRADE Mac Sierra 10.12.6 to Mojave without lose data

    Ok, thank you all for the fast answer
  6. enzo13enzo

    UPGRADE Mac Sierra 10.12.6 to Mojave without lose data

    Hello everyone, I'm italian sorry for my translation: D I would have a question to ask. It's about a year that I'm using mac Sierra 10.12.2 on my desktop PC CPU intel i5. Now I'm going to install MAc Mojave but since I have so much data on the PC and programs of several gigabyte size that would...
  7. enzo13enzo

    mdworker crash during use plugin AcSportlight

    Hello everyone, I installed the latest security updates of Sierra 10.12.6 and from the restart every 10/15 minutes I get the error "mdworker crash during use plugin AcSportlight" Paste the report here: rocess: mdworker [741] Path...
  8. enzo13enzo

    Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 Sierra 10.12.6 USB 3.0 Not working

    Hello everyone, it's been a few months since I installed Mac Osx sierra 10.12.6 on my PC and tell the truth, thanking all the help forum and especially the basti1dr guide ( I managed to run...
  9. enzo13enzo

    macOS 10.2.6 sierra CD Drive noise

    There aren't disk in it and casually my drive is Asus :lol:, so the only solution is to buy a new CD/DVD drive. Thank you for the fast reply!
  10. enzo13enzo

    macOS 10.2.6 sierra CD Drive noise

    Hi all, i'm new in this forum and to tell the truth i was very pleased with the help received during the installation of mac sierra on my PC. Thanks again, the only problem I come up with is the "start" noise of the Sata CD/DVD Drive that leaves every 5/10 minutes. How do I fix it?