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  1. lenoxx

    RX570 occasional white screen

    Yes i have solved this but i dont remember what i did since its quite a long time ago. I installed the vega fix for the fans and temps and i also updated the regular kext stuff and i dont have this problem anymore. Im quite sure it had something to do with the fans / temps on the vega.
  2. lenoxx


    Thank you very much but could you explain where i could add the 2 things one is a kext i think and the other the slide=0 where should i put that?
  3. lenoxx


    So i have been running Mojave for quite some time with everything working using the Imac Pro SMBIOS. The only thing i have been struggling with is getting the shutdown to work properly, it simply goes to black and the fans spin on full after shutdown. I tried the "fix shutdown" thing in Clover...
  4. lenoxx

    Apple Reveals macOS 10.15 Catalina- Available Fall 2019

    @pablopunk i sure hope so, running the latest Mojave build and it works perfectly for me, would love to update in the future :)
  5. lenoxx

    Apple Reveals macOS 10.15 Catalina- Available Fall 2019

    Good luck getting that thing to work lol
  6. lenoxx

    RX570 occasional white screen

    I also have this problem. For me its a bit more its about 1x every day. I use an: ASUS PRIME Z370-P Intel 9600K Vega 56 non stock cooler Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 24GB Ballistix DDR4 2400mz No wifi just lan cable. Running one 4k monitor over display cable.
  7. lenoxx

    HELP fix shutdown Mojave

    I got everything working too, LAN, sound, usb 3.0, IGPU and VEGA 56. Running IMAC 18.3 SMBIOS
  8. lenoxx

    HELP fix shutdown Mojave

    What i also tried is the "fixshutdown" in clover it does nothing for me so enabling / disabling it does not do anything.
  9. lenoxx

    HELP fix shutdown Mojave

    Hi guys, As the title states i need help with getting my shutdown / restart working. Everything else on my system works fine. Specs: ASUS PRIME Z370-P Intel 9600K POWERCOLOR Vega 56 8GB 24GB Crucial DDR4 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Running the lastest Mojave update and also Clover.
  10. lenoxx

    Asus Prime Z370-P - Mojave - Shutdown / Restart not working

    Hi guys, So yesterday ive installed Mojave onto my machine and everything is working which is great. But the only problem im facing is that the Restart / Shutdown doesnt work it just makes the screen go black but it doesnt do anything afterwards i have to hard reset it using the switch. Asus...
  11. lenoxx

    Help me with my Hackintosh

    Hi guys, So i have purchased these components so far: Be quiet 600W power supply Asus Prime Z370-P Intel 9600K Corsair Ballistix 24GB DDR4 Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD The one thing missing is a video card, my question is does it matter what brand the video card has? And would you guys go for a...
  12. lenoxx

    Will Mojave work? - ASUS Prime Z370-P

    Hi guys, I upgraded my PC last week and wanted to know if i will be able to run a Hackintosh. MB - ASUS Prime Z370-P CPU - INTEL I5 9600K GPU - AMD VEGA 56 RAM - CRUCIAL 24GB Samsung SSD 500gb I want to install it using multibeast and unibeast since i have an actual Mac at home. Some more...
  13. lenoxx

    Nvidia 1060GTX on Mojave?

    Hi guys, I am still running Sierra and its working without any problems. I was thinking to wipe everything and create a fresh install of Mojave to be up to date. My specs should work fine but i wanted to know if there are any problems with the 1060gtx on Mojave because on Sierra its been...
  14. lenoxx

    macOS 10.12.6 Security Update (2018-002)

    Last update also left me in horror LOL, i will wait this out, till more news are out and all the drivers and kexts are solid :)
  15. lenoxx

    [SOLVED] CPU Panic. Kernel Extensions in backtrace as.vit96969.Lilu(1.1.6)

    I mean the recent security update, i am using Sierra not High Sierra. Well i cannot update my Nvidiawebdriver it says there is none or Not Compatible. I readded the newest Nvidiadriverfix.kext and FakeSMC.kext and still o get no update. Ita pretty anoying because without the driver my...
  16. lenoxx

    [SOLVED] CPU Panic. Kernel Extensions in backtrace as.vit96969.Lilu(1.1.6)

    Hey, i used the kext you provided and it worked i can now boot wothout safemode or single user mode. However i have the problem that i cannot update the Nvidia Webdriver anymore. It says (Not compatible) i checked my OS version on the top left corner and it says 10.12.6 but that is not possible...
  17. lenoxx

    Updating from Sierra to High Sierra

    Hi guys, I have been on Sierra for the past year and its been working great little to no problems. I am thinking about updating to High Sierra more and more and i wonder if there are any critical errors that could happen? Is it easy? Are there any known bugs without a fix, so its better for me...
  18. lenoxx

    Will Updating To High Sierra Work?

    Hi guys, So what i wanted to know is, will updating our current Mac OS Sierra Hackintoshes work properly? Because as far as i know there will be a new file system. And all videos on the matter show a full reinstall of High Sierra. But ofc the official release will have a update option for...
  19. lenoxx

    Clover Configurator does not open

    Hi guys, Recently i had a kernel panic i was able to fix it. What i did was use a EFI folder backup and just paste it over the one i was using, i mean everything APPLE- CLOVER- BOOT all 3 folders have been replaced. Booted up fine, but now i cant open Clover Configurator it just does...
  20. lenoxx

    Mac OS Sierra Infinite Loading Screen (Please Help)

    NVM i fixed the problem myself, for anyone having the same problem. Here is the fix: Boot into windows, open command prompt, type diskpart, select your mac drive. Type for example, sel disk 0 then sel part 1 then assign Now you should see your efi partition in windows Download explorer ++...