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  1. grimAXE

    Mavericks: HDMI Audio - AppleHDA [Guide]

    So far I understand that I need to open MaciASL and make a DSDT from it's file menu. Though whenever I try following the guide to the best of my ability and compile it I get a bunch of errors in the compile window. Maybe I'm not doing something right, I'm not sure.
  2. grimAXE

    Mavericks: HDMI Audio - AppleHDA [Guide]

    I am honestly very lost and have tried to understand how the guide functions but always get myself confused.:?: I have Z77 motherboard, and Intel Core i7 3770k and an AMD R9 280x, and I'm just trying to figure out how to get HDMI audio working from the AMD card. I'm so sorry for being a...
  3. grimAXE

    tonymacx86 Giveaway: Win a BitFenix Phenom!

    good luck to everyone!
  4. grimAXE

    Ralink RT2870 wifi chipset on 10.9 Mavericks ---->SOLVED!!!

    Confirmed to be working on a clean OS X 10.9 Mavericks install. This seriously saved my bacon as the official drivers don't even install the needed kext (I looked for it everywhere with no luck) and the last installer I had seems to be stable Mountain Lion and earlier. Even though this is a...
  5. grimAXE

    evga geforce 210 1024mb ddr3 mountain lion compatible?

    Hello, I know this is a somewhat old thread but I was wondering if you could help out? my aunt wanted a fairly cheap system so I built her a system consisting of an Ivy Bridge Celeron, a Gigabyte B75 motherboard, and an EVGA 1GB Gt210 I got QE/CL working and the installer screen working with...
  6. grimAXE

    Darkthing#1 - Z68XP-UD3 + i7-3770 + EVGA GT 210

    How does the GT 210 work for you in Mountain Lion? Did you have to add any boot flags when installing the OS? Or installing extra kexts/drivers from Multibeast for nVidia?
  7. grimAXE

    First hackintosh, GPU advice needed for 27" iMac (via DP)

    With the updated Chimera bootloader you can install more than 1 Graphics Card. However OS X will not recognize it as an SLI setup, mostly due to Driver limitations based on Nvidia's on graphics drivers for Mac. A GTX 680 of any edition would do pretty amazing at 1080p video gaming. However at...
  8. grimAXE

    $1000 Hackintosh Gaming Build - GA-Z77-DS3H - MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition

    Guys if you can I migrated this post (well, created a new one) over here ——> Basically new major hardware and rearrangement of other components
  9. grimAXE

    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH vs GA-Z77X-UD5H

    From what I can understand the BIG difference between the UP5H TH and the UD5H is the dual thunderbolt ports Both board support the Overclockable Z77 chipset, compatible audio and ethernet, and a Mini-PCIe slot for a compaitable WiFi card. Either way the included WiFi/Bluetooth card will work...
  10. grimAXE

    Testing Thread: GeForce GTX 660

    I would believe now with official 10.8.2 drivers from Nvidia, and native support from Apple's Nvidia drivers that the 6xx Series cards should work fine now. No more patches needed for the 660ti-680. However with GTX 660 being a new GPU, with regard with 10.8.2, what needs to be done? Install...
  11. grimAXE

    $1000 Hackintosh Gaming Build - GA-Z77-DS3H - MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition

    Alright so I took all your suggestions and played with the around with the parts. I actually got it a few bucks cheaper New Case: SSD...
  12. grimAXE

    $1000 Hackintosh Gaming Build - GA-Z77-DS3H - MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition

    HackGamer GA-Z77-DS3H / i5-3570k / MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition So I was asked by a close friend that he wanted to create a new gaming build, for Guild Wars 2 and the games to come for the next few years. I first asked budget, originally $700 its now at $1000 plus any overhead (sadly our hopes...
  13. grimAXE

    Photo surfaces of Gigabyte's upcoming H77N-WIFI mini-ITX motherboard

    I wonder if there will be a no category in the CustoMac guide. Fro the Z77 board, a CustoMacMini Pro? That would be a good budget build.
  14. grimAXE

    Gigabyte's H77 mini-ITX board unveiled, of sorts

    Article: Gigabyte's H77 mini-ITX board unveiled, of sorts How did you get the H61N and the processor for only $200 o.o that must be some great deal
  15. grimAXE

    Gigabyte's H77 mini-ITX board unveiled, of sorts

    Can't wait for your updated guide for an IvyBridge CustoMac Mini :headbang:
  16. grimAXE

    Gigabyte's H77 mini-ITX board unveiled, of sorts

    Well theres always the Ivy Bridge i5 with the HD4000, even though its a bit pricey (about $230) and consumes 77w. That's great knowing a cheaper option will be available. Hopefully the board will be in the low 100s. It would make no sense if it was $160. and no DSDT? Does that mean when using...
  17. grimAXE

    Gigabyte's H77 mini-ITX board unveiled, of sorts

    I have been trying to sell my old desktop to build a CustoMac Mini. The best guide I've seen is TonyMac's from 2011. The GA-H61N-USB3 MiniITX board is so far the only compatible board thats truly supported, with a DSDT available and everything. Unlike the H61N board this board has a built in...
  18. grimAXE

    UniBeast 1.5 Update

    Any news on whether to get Full acceleration/resolution, on the HD4000 GPUs? I know this new UniBeast now supports the device IDs in the bootloader but what about the OS itself? Must we install a a MacMini system profile or something else?
  19. grimAXE

    Linksys WUSB600N & new RALINK v4.1.1.0 driver working

    Is it possible you could post a download link to your driver? For whatever reason the latest driver doesn't open the Wireless Utility App and an older (2.0) version of the driver I have doesn't detect the USBs. Could you post your driver so I could test if my USB600n v2 works properly?
  20. grimAXE

    Lion Installer does not recognize SATA Hard drives

    For whatever reason I checked today and updated the BIOS that HP had on its website. I scrolled to the power options and there it was , the SATA Controller was editable. For some reason it was set to Raid. Changing it to ASCHI also gave me native USB boot. So did the following: Boot into...