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  1. explorermac

    Newbie need help add a blog flag value

    Hi, I am install OS X 10.10.1. But while install MultiBeast, I am forget add the PCIRootUID=1 setting. I don't want to rerun MutliBeast to just add one setting, since all of my driver working. Do anyone can teach me how to manual add to the org.chamelean.Boot.plist file?? Thank you.
  2. explorermac

    Need Help of Boot the Installer on T420s

    Hi all, I can boot the USB finger, but my T420s screen is look like this (See attachment image). How to fix? Some reason I need 1600x900, and diy hardware for better upgrade for my need (PC+Mac Planning) so not choose HP. Lenovo T420 i5 2540m 8G DDR3 Intel HD3000 1600x900 128G SSD QH67
  3. explorermac

    Lenovo T400s Mavericks boot idea need. Only can -x mode?

    Hi all, I am using a T400s with intel gMA 4500mhd in GS45 chipset 1440x900 Intel SP 9400 CPU 8g DDR 3 ram official spec list there The 4500mhd after install the about this Mac show it is x3100 with 64m ram I can using USB...
  4. explorermac

    Do Lenovo T420 (Any model) can install Mavericks?

    Hi all, I am have a very old MBP Late 2006 at home using many year. Now want to replace it as newer notebook. I am looking on 2nd Lenovo T420. But little see notebook on there, so ask for this, do anyone using this? Wi Fi, BT, LAN work, any what is your CPU, GPU on it? Thank you very much.
  5. explorermac

    Boot flags suggestion for ga-h55m-usb3

    Hi, I will try to install mavericks on a old ga-h55m-usb3 Intel i3 560 8g ram build in CPU integration graphic What is the good boot flags for above to starting the installer? Thx.
  6. explorermac

    Error on GA-P55-UD3L 2.3 FH Core i7 870 GT210 Mavericks

    hi all,, Error on GA-P55-UD3L 2.3 Core i7 870 GT210 Mavericks BIOS AHCI, LOAD DEFAULT ALREADy. HPET 64BIT TOO. Successful boot using USB install, then second boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1 MultiBeast 6.1 EasyBoost DSDT Free, Ref this...
  7. explorermac

    [SUCCESS] Mavericks Install on GA-EP35-DS3R

    Hi all, First, I want to thank you there who make the UniBeast and MultiBeast tools and Articles, Install Guide, Buyer Guide, and all forum user who give answer and support. Whitout those great guy we can't make like this. I am SUCCESS Mavericks Install on GigaByte GA-EP35-DS3R (Rev 2.1, BIOS...
  8. explorermac

    How to enable Finder show up /Extra and other folder?

    Hi all, How to enable Finder show up /Extra and other folder? Since I need edit or add some files there. But my default new install OS X 10.9.0 just can see little folder there. Thank you very much of the time and help.
  9. explorermac

    Newbie, do all Brand such as Gigabyte, MSI, Asus etc Nvidia 6xx, 7xx card can using with OSX 10.9.x?

    Hi all, I am plan building a PC mac, base on using Intel CPU, and Nvidia card, but Nvidia card have many brand there like Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, EVGA etc. Do OS X 10.9 support any brand (My mean Brand Free), just the Nvidia chipset on it support list is okay? Thank.