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  1. swamyg1

    2560x1600 missing in System Prefs with GTX 770

    I running 10.9.2 with an Asus GTX 770 2G on an Asus Rampage IV Extreme. with 2 monitors connected. One is a Dell U3011 (plugged into HDMI) and another is a Dell 2001FP (plugged into DVI). The monitors are running fine and my graphics are benching as expected, but I'm not able to see any...
  2. swamyg1

    CPU Temp Sensors with 4930k on 10.9.2?

    Does anybody have a solution for installing CPU Temp sensors using the 4930k? I'm using the HWSensors.6.0.1148 package to install fakesmc.kext, but installing CPU sensors gives me problems. Anybody else in the same boat here? need to monitor temps.
  3. swamyg1

    Upgrading Asus X79 Rampage IV Extreme | Core i7-3930K to ML?

    I followed this guide to build my beastly Lion rig: It's an amazing build with absolutely no problems except lack of sleep. I'm wondering if anybody with the same rig has tried to update to Mountain Lion... Any advice? Of course...