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  1. cpufreak

    Does anyone have the rear io plastic moulding?

    Hey all, Inspired by the following post Post in thread 'Long time coming atx G5' I would like to attempt a usb 3 mod on my front panel. Does anyone have the plastic moulding around the rear I/O that I could get if...
  2. cpufreak

    Clover Bootloader

    Hey everyone! I want to completely get rid of chimera and install clover. How do I do this? Thank you
  3. cpufreak

    OCZ Vertex 4 boot

    Hi all, I can't set my OCZ vertex 4 to boot option number 1. I can only set the uefi vertex 4, which takes me to windows on my other ssd. I have to boot override to P2: Ocz vertex 4 to boot into osx. I don't know why it is not working. I have a z77 ud5h.
  4. cpufreak

    Almost Perfect... Just one problem

    Hey guys, My UD5H is working great! The only problem I have is when I try to download large files from the internet, I keep getting invalid checksums, and as a result, installations keep on failing. For example, the combo update nor Office 2011 for Mac download properly, and always result in...
  5. cpufreak

    ud5h white screen on install

    hi all i keep getting a blank white screen after the apple logo. There is no mouse cursor either. If I don't boot with PCIRootUID=0, my monitor turns off and says there is no signal.Can someone help?
  6. cpufreak

    Does this look good? Please help.

    Hi all, I am thinking about ordering these parts: Gigabyte Intel Z77 Dual Thunderbolt ATX Motherboard with BT4.0/Wi-Fi (GA-Z77X-UP5-TH) GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 670 Windforce OC i7-3770k TP Link n900 Corsair ax 850 Gskill ripjaws z 32gb ddr3 Is this fine?