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  1. enigmasi

    Is there any solution/workaround for Apple Music DRM issue with lossless music?

    Someone mentioned that it works with USB DAC but needs confirmation what's causing it and what kind of DAC it must be. I've found only one or two posts about this so far, no many Apple Music users among hackintoshers?
  2. enigmasi

    Motherboards with external DAC (ESS etc.)

    Does ESS DAC works separately than Realtek or is it part of package? And DSD hardware decoding works on OS X?
  3. enigmasi

    External HDD not detected on USB 3 anymore (Mojave)

    Everything was perfect(almost) until I installed new RAM. I shut computer down, installed RAM and now it won't detect anymore. HDD works on other USB 2 ports but not on 3. Other devices(mouse etc.) work on this USB 3 ports. Mobo: H370 Gaming Plus CPU: i3-8350K
  4. enigmasi

    WiFi+Bt suggestion for Continuity - BCM943602CS

    I bought this ready card from Aliexpress, it's plug&play card for hackintosh but needs drivers for Windows 10, Airdrop works without problem but Handoff, Universal Clipboard didn't work at the beginning. Somehow it started working itself after couple of days. Can't try messages and call since I...