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  1. iamsteveanderson

    [GUIDE] MSI Z270M Mortar Kaby Lake install

    I’m using the exact same motherboard as you and I’m very new to building a hackintosh. I’m only able to get audio to come through over the Mini display port of my graphics card. I don’t see any RealTek audio. Any idea of how to fix that so I can use the line out?
  2. iamsteveanderson

    Is the R9 280X still the recomended card for Final Cut??

    Can anyone tell me if the R9 280X is still the recommended card for video editing in Final Cut Pro X? If so, can someone please send me a link of exactly what brand/version they would recommend? I will be editing mainly 4K video and have concerns that there isn't a 6gb version. Is the 3gb...