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  1. herbehindert

    << Solved >> Lenovo Y700 Catalina Installation - apfs_module_start:1683 Error

    Hallo Guys, my Catalina installation stucks at apfs_module_start:1683 Error. I already searched in this forum for solutions like SSDT-EC.aml and put that stuff in EFI/../.. but nothing works. I read something about some EC0 needs to be renamed and that stuff ( I don't even know what EC0 means...
  2. herbehindert

    GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 - iBoot ACPI panic

    Hallo, please help me. Just booted up from iBoot and inserted SL DVD Retail. Even with acpi=off, -x -v i cannot load the DVD. Specs: i7 4790k GA-Z97X Gaming 3 Bios F7 gtx 770