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  1. leekh3

    z490 Vision G sleep ? (z490 vision G+ Fenvi + RX580 + Titan ridge)

    Is there anybody who has the same configuration and have no sleep issue? Could you share your configuration? I tried to fix sleep issue, but couldn't fix it. My system is Gigabyte Z490 Vision G (bios: F8c) RX 580 pulse Fenvi T919 GC Titan Ridge Looks like the sleep error came from internal...
  2. leekh3

    Best gpu under 1000 for hakintosh?

    What would be best gpu under $1000? (Need to have good hakin support) I have rx 580, but it is not good for 4k gaming. Thank you!
  3. leekh3

    Gigabyte Z490 Vision G + GC Titan Ridge

    Hello everyone... 1. Build question. I am a gamer (i.e., sometimes want to use Windows), but my main workload OS is MAC. In my case, buying hakintosh now is a good decision? (I have RX 580 pulse and 1TB NVME already) I think M1 or upcoming m1X looks really good at good price. However, bootcamp...