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  1. Blackeye42

    Sleep issues in Sierra

    Hi, I have a weird problem with sleep mode in my laptop. When I close the lid or select the sleep option, my laptop goes to sleep. After a couple of seconds some of the hardware (fans, ssd, usb) tries to reactivate and then it goes back to sleep but the screen is still off. This loop keeps for...
  2. Blackeye42

    ALC 892 - microphone issues

    I have recently installed Sierra in my desktop pc. My audio codec is ALC892. The following issue is a little wierd. When I start a Skype call the front mic stops working after while (system preferences -> sound -> input -> input level bar is not moving). I have to unplug it and plug it in order...
  3. Blackeye42

    Usb not working in Sierra

    Hi, I recently installed Mac OS X Sierra in my desktop pc with the following specs: Asus P8P67 LE B3 Intel i5-2500k Nvidia GeForce 560ti Realtek ALC892 ASMedia ASM1042 USB3 Everything works great just using multibeast as post-installation tool. The only problem is that the most of usb2 ports...
  4. Blackeye42

    Realtek RTS5129

    Does anyone manage to make this card reader work?
  5. Blackeye42

    No Audio with ALC255 on Sierra 10.12.2

    Hi, I recently installed Sierra 10.12.2 on my Dell Inspiron 3542 laptop. I used the installation guide provided in this page using UniBeast + Multibeast (in legacy mode). Laptop specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-4510U GPU: Intel HD 4400 + NVIDIA GeForce 840M Eth: Realtek RTL8101E WiFi: Atheros AR9565...