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  1. Bimbo69

    Help!!! Catalina doesn't come up

    Hi All, I've installed Catalina in two modes, first upgrade from Mojave fully working and now only the apple appears and reboot forever, I'm using clover uefi v4961, the last offered here. Then I've installed into a blank partition in the same SSD, It boots bue only get a white screen with the...
  2. Bimbo69

    security update 2015-002 yosemite problems

    Hello, I had yosemite 10.10.2 running ok, for a long time. today I made this update from App Store and the system boots ok, but after a very few seconds it HANGS and nothing more...Hardware seems to be ok, since I can boot from another partition without issues....any help on how to fix that? I...
  3. Bimbo69

    256gb SSD for new build, need advice

    I know this forum recommends Sandisk SSD's, but looking further I've found others in the range 200-260 U$D so these are the options:
  4. Bimbo69

    Help with Saphire 6870 1Gb, HDMI and second DVI port

    Help with Saphire 6870 1Gb, HDMI and second DVI port [SOLVED] Hi, I'm having problems after 10.8.3 update, HDMI and second DVI ports give me black screen. I've been using bruno21's modified ATI Controller6000.kext that was working ok until I update ML. Now Bruno's kext doesn't work anymore. Is...
  5. Bimbo69

    Sandisk 480Gb vs. Crucial M4 512Gb

    Hi, Maybe is a dumb question but making a comparision price vs storage capacity crucial wins over a 10%, taking this in consideration and the recomended by this forum (Sandisk)... Which one is best?? :beachball::beachball::beachball: Tks Alex
  6. Bimbo69

    Motherboard Gigabyte Ga-z77x-ud5h vs Ga-z77x-up5 Th

    hi, Im planing to buy a new card for Ivy bridge and trying to decide which one is best according my needs. the extra for the th one is the wifi/bt card which does not work, and thunderbolt ports (I dont see them useful for now) the price in my country is about u$d 300 and u$d 400 for the th one...
  7. Bimbo69

    Help with XFX HD5670 1gb DDR5 please

    hi, I bought this one last year I have also a GT430 but with the well known issues for fermi cards I went for a try with this one... Here are the symptoms.... during boot bios goes ok, and also could get into unibeast installer with GE=no...since then...
  8. Bimbo69

    [SUCCESS] GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 rev1.3 UEFI, i7-2600K, XFX HD5670

    Bimbo69's Build: Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 - Core i7-2600k - 8GB RAM - XFX Radeon HD 5670 - OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 - No DSDT OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 from the Mac Apps Store U$D 20.00 Mac App Store - OS X Mountain Lion Intel Core i7-2600K with Stock Cooler (BX80623I72600K) (Not overclocked…...
  9. Bimbo69

    Pls help with GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 BIOS update & i7 3770k

    Hi all, after several tests I cannot make my new system turn on...I´ve checked with a friend motherboard (intel DZ68DB 0043 BIOS) that my i7 3770k is ok and properly recognized...I also know that my motherboard boots ok with my friend's i7 2600k rev 1.3 and factory BIOS F9, so I've updated to...
  10. Bimbo69

    Problem problem with Silex SX Virtual Link using STUPTP.kext

    Hi all, I have this new router and tried to connect the printer to the router USB port, there is an app to scan for printers for MAC that installs a kext, and after that got a kernel panic. And from windows installed on parallel desktop, runs perfect...Any help or tip? Big tks
  11. Bimbo69

    Gigabyte Z68 + i7 3770k Ivy bridge

    Hi all, I know that this could be sound weird, but I think like many others of upgrading CPU to IB using the "old" Z68 motherboard, specially when budget is limited or users having small SB cpus like i3 or i5. Unfortunately I haven't found much info, just it is supported for most z68...
  12. Bimbo69

    Need advice on dvd burner

    Hi, I have a new case Lian Li silver pc-v600fa and looks very nice to me. the problem is that I'm looking for a dvd drive in silver too, but cannot find one...any suggestion? A black one like 99% of drivers won't look nice I think... Big Tks lianli pc-600fa.png
  13. Bimbo69

    Gigabyte Gc-wb300d pcie expansion card Bluetooth 4.0/wifi

    have anynone test this card? seems to be promissing to gigabyte builders :) big tks
  14. Bimbo69

    Trying to decide which brand for HD 6870 new card

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy a new HD 6870 to upgrade my Pommetosh...I'm between gigabyte and saphire....which one is better? GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD6870 1GB DDR5 2DVI/HDMI/2x Mini DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card GV-R687OC-1GD $168 final wit rebate SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 PCIE...
  15. Bimbo69

    Need SSd advice, Samsung or Plextor

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a new SSD 128gb and found those, price are almost the same and equal with the plextor+adapter 3.5in from silverstone, so these are the options for $200, any opinion about? big tks ... ef=lh_ni_t...
  16. Bimbo69

    About iMac 11,3 system definition

    In my case I have a i5 760, so the only one with that cpu is the: iMac 11.3 F2238BAE The iMac "Core i5" 2.8 27-Inch Aluminum (Mid-2010) is powered by a Quad Core 2.8 GHz Intel "Core i5" I5-760 (Lynnfield) processor with a dedicated 256k level 2 cache for each core and an 8 MB shared level 3...
  17. Bimbo69

    Some sleep & reset & cmos & speedstep issues lion 10.7.2

    Hi all, I've installe lion on two partitions, the same process so all is the same. First of all I have no /Extra/Extensions only S/L/E folder Sleep was working (from apple>sleep) but when restart I got a "Cmos checksum error" so reconfigure bios. that can be fixed using jpa solution: sudo perl...
  18. Bimbo69

    Terminal device Scan

    hi all, I'm noob at terminal functions, but I do want to know how to scan connected devices, more specific usb devices, I have this idea because of a wifi dongle not recognized, so by scanning or something like that can get the proper directions to edit kexts. is possible for you to help me out...
  19. Bimbo69

    [Solved] GA-P55A-UD3 v2.0 F11 Boot USBHDD issues

    Hi All, I don't know it is the right place for this issue. but the thing is that I've created USb drive with unibeast and cannot boot, because just hang at the BIOS, rigut before the memory testing line. the usb stick is fine and boots fine in five different PC/Laptops. So the problem is for...
  20. Bimbo69

    Chimera default partition

    Hi all, I want to know if possible, how to change default chimera partition, It seems that is the first available active partition on the disk, what can I do to change it for example the second or the third, or another partition on another hdd...then I can change by pressing anything on...