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  1. aforty

    << Solved >> Wifi turns on/off + no bluetooth w/ BCM94360CD

    Hey all. Been pulling my hair out all day over what I thought would Just Work™️ ... :/ Been following this: Fresh Mojave install and I have a BCM94360CD in a pcie adapter, positioned at PCIE1. The wifi in Preferences -->...
  2. aforty

    Installer doesn't run (for upgrade)

    Hi, THe upgrade installer doesn't run for me properly. I download from the App Store, run, select my hard drive and it spends a few seconds copying files, then it proceeds to restart. It doesn't do anything at this point, it simply restarts with no prompts, screens or errors and when it comes...
  3. aforty

    GA-Z77N-WIFI ethernet drops after some hours, still says connected

    I can't figure this out. The ethernet is connected at startup but usually overnight I wake up to the computer not having an ethernet connection. It still says it's connected but everything just times out. GA-Z77N-WIFI using Lnx2Mac's driver package. I've done some searching and doesn't seem...
  4. aforty

    Building an HTPC, need HDMI with audio

    Hi, Just going by the latest buying guide I'm thinking a Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI and a EVGA GeForce GTX 650. Will I be able to get HDMI video and audio through the GTX card? I'm a bit confused about the audio chip these days, where is that actually included, on the motherboard or on the video...
  5. aforty

    10.7.4 Atom kernel?

    Hi all, Mistakenly upgraded to 10.7.4 without doing my homework and now it seems like my previous atom kernel no longer works. Appears that some calls to the kernel are being made by some core system kexts and the kernel is unable to handle. Has anyone compiled a atom compatible kernel for 10.7.4?
  6. aforty

    HDMI audio on NVIDIA ION? Has this ever been done?

    I'm quickly running out of gas here, with a Zotac IONITX-G-E (NVIDIA ION 1) and Lion. I'm at a complete loss with HDMI audio. :banghead: I've been at this for over a week and went from a complete hackintoh newbie to learning my way around everything and making serious changes to my DSDT --...
  7. aforty

    UniBeast fresh install - black screen after kext reading

    Hi all, I tried creating a Lion image using UniBeast. I added the -v (verbose flag) and after it goes through all the kext's it just shows a black screen and nothing else ever happens. I'm using the following boot flags: -v arch=i386 npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=0 I added arch=i386 which stopped the...