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  1. Millstaff

    << Solved >> Video playback in Quicktime not working

    Suddenly video playback in Quicktime, and other players stopped working. Preview of video files doesn't work either. Quicktime gives the error message: 'Unknown error -101'. Video playback on the web works fine, and preview has no problem showing other files... Everything else is working as...
  2. Millstaff

    [SOLVED] Freeze after sleep

    I had a fully working Catalina system, but after I changed my overclocking to default in BIOS, my system won't resume from sleep. It shows me the login-window, but it's frozen. Does anyone have tips on how to troubleshoot this? I attach my config.plist
  3. Millstaff

    Boot *extremely* slow (to the point of not booting)

    I removed redundant stuff from the extensions folder (Library/Extensions), and after that I can't boot. It seems to boot, but it takes forever. I shut down after 40 minutes, but it never panics or anything. I can still boot with my thumb drive, but even after copying all kexts from that to my...