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  1. P1LGRIM

    << Solved >> gIOScreenLockState error after install

    Sticking at the row of plus signs usually indicates a missing/duplicate/incorrect Clover memory fix driver.
  2. coldcue

    Help needed with Catalina 10.15.6 Prelinked kernel Boot Error

    I've tried all the memory drivers that clover has to offer, (just to name a few) AptioMemoryFix, OcQuirks, OsxAptioFixDrv and none of them worked. Is there a switch in Quirks that I should consider using? I've read about prelinked kernel, but I'm just touching the surface of that, so it has...
  3. P1LGRIM

    Help needed with Catalina 10.15.6 Prelinked kernel Boot Error

    Use the forum Search tool, you are not the first to walk this path. Stalling after the row of plus signs is often due to use of the incorrect memory fix driver.
  4. P1LGRIM

    Getting multiple error messages once MacOs installer starts

    If by this you mean the stall after the row of plus signs, this usually means that you have an incorrect or missing memory fix driver. If you mean the prohibitory symbol, that is usually related to the USB controller(s) when booting from USB. Search for 'prohibitory symbol' or 'still waiting...
  5. Liontronic

    pastrychef's $62 Dell OptiPlex 3050 Clunker - i3-6100 - RX 560

    Thanks so much for the explanation.
  6. pastrychef

    pastrychef's $62 Dell OptiPlex 3050 Clunker - i3-6100 - RX 560

    When it was stopping at the row of plus signs (++++++++++++++), that was an Aptio fix error. I changed to a different version of AptioMemoryFix to get around this. When it was stopping with the kernel panic due to graphics error, I reapplied the DVMT prealloc fix to your config.plist. I don't...
  7. chilledHamza

    [Guide] HP Pavilion 15-AB216TX Catalina using OpenCore

    folder layout is little changed now, UEFI Drivers are now placed in /EFI/Clover/drivers/UEFI/
  8. Mkpugh

    [Guide] HP Pavilion 15-AB216TX Catalina using OpenCore

    Hi, I have tried to use this process with a HP Pavilion Laptop 14-ce0xxx i get a row of Plus signs trying to do the instal? Any thoughts? I had to add the HFSPlus.afi to see that install option. Is it correct the drivers are in drivers drivers64uefi?
  9. P1LGRIM

    Help understanding Catalina install logs

    Search for row of plus signs.
  10. P1LGRIM

    Can't install catalina plus symbol row
  11. qukankan

    << Solved >> can't start Catalina 15.3 (same clover configuration) after upgrade Mainboard and Cpu.

    ...Now I have replaced my vboxhfs-64.efi with HFSPlus.efi. Try it tonight hope it works. Different with my issue and other "Stuck on Row of Plus Signs" is, I get direct a row of pluses, without any information. The others see some output on screen and at the end come a row of pluses...
  12. vinesauceloverjoel32

    Is it possible to Hackintosh my Intel Pentium N3450 processor laptop HP 15?

    ...I have the macOS pendrive ready i booted and i waited 10min and nothing happened. So I booted to Verbose Mode and it stopped on the row of plus signs. Also tried to do kexts and the verbose mode tell me that error with the kernel. So I am trying to get help here, every single tip is open...
  13. couttsdev

    Laptop Compatibility

    Can you get any further if you try Catalina vs Mojave?
  14. Killuminati91

    Laptop Compatibility

    i5-10210U on the Asus Zenbook 14 UX434 gets stuck at the row of plus signs as well. Any fix yet?
  15. chiemedia

    << Solved >> Clover Update -> Can't boot anymore // Row of +++++ Need HELP

    ...already and noticed that they have been reset somehow. So I fixed all settings again, but my Hackintosh still got stuck with the row of plus signs. I have also tried to make a new usb stick and boot into the installer there, but same black screen as if I want to boot from my SSD. So I...
  16. Patant17

    << Solved >> El Capitan "+++++++" and Then Soft Restart

    ...ever since I upgraded my CPU from a 4690k to a 4770k where it will show the first few strings of booting until it gets to the row of plus signs, then the screen goes black and it restarts. I've looked around and didn't find anything that managed to fix the problem. So far I've tried the...
  17. Bomba91

    Messed up Catalina install - updated Clover but didn’t copy kexts!

    ...Clover Version 2.5k r5090 in step 1, but forgot to copy kext files file in step 2, before installing 10.15.1. Now all I see is a row of plus signs, no other text in verbose mode. I’ve read a few support posts but I’m a complete novice and not sure whether others posts apply, I royally messed...
  18. gusz

    Black Screen after Catalina Install Reboot

    ...if I select *any* of the boot options, including Install Prebooter, Catalina Install, Mohave or recovery, I immediately get black screen nothing happens. [Edit:] I added the verbose option in Clover and what I get is a row of plus signs immediatly after hitting enter to boot What to do ....
  19. normbartley

    EVGA x299 MICRO need help

    Has any adventurous soul had any luck with Catalina on their EVGA x299 board? My early attempts have been met with the ol' row of + signs and freeze. I haven't had time to tinker with it, but I'm wondering if there might be another kernel patch needed (the Mojave kernel patch doesn't help)?
  20. EricTheRed

    [Guide] Lenovo Z50-70/Z40-70/G50-70/G40-70 using Clover UEFI

    That exact same thing happened to my desktop hackintosh. I feel like it's a clover issue because if you try to update clover in Catalina, it says this installer is not compatible with Catalina.