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  1. badaxe

    ALC892 Laptop HD4000

    Hi guys, I have a fresh Mavericks install and I am having a real hard time trying to patch my dsdt and applehda.kext to get my onboard alc892 working. My Laptop is a Medion x6823 ivy bridge 3630qm with hd4000, this laptop is a msi ge60 barbeone. Could somebody please take a look at the...
  2. badaxe

    KP: unable to find driver for this platform: ACPI

    Hi Rehabman, I have replaced with version from 10.9 and have patched my bios power management using pmpatch , but I am unable to boot, i get a kernel panic saying "unable to find driver for this platform: ACPI
  3. badaxe

    Clover + 7950 + HD4000

    I'm trying to add my IGP HD4000 to my dsdt that has already been edited for my ati 7950 Could somebody point me in the right direcetion so I can fix this :) I'm currently running 10.8.3 with Clover UEFI with smbios iMac13,2 One Thing that I notice is that during boot I get 2 messages telling...