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  1. Ivanovitchk

    (HELP) New Build with Z390I AORUS PRO WIFI installation not working

    found a solution, I updated clover to R4910 on the usb installer, and used the drivers and kext from this guide :
  2. Ivanovitchk

    (HELP) New Build with Z390I AORUS PRO WIFI installation not working

    Hi, I have the same issue, same board, F5 bios, RX560, 14.4 installer Did you solve it ? I don't see it in your video but at some point before it would launch the installer, the screen become mangled / teared and it hangs there forever.
  3. Ivanovitchk

    Quick Guide to Generate a SSDT for CPU Power Management

    hi, first thanks for the guide, very helpful. few questions: - is it required to drop tables CpuPm and Cpu0Ist in clover plist ? - is it normal that when I read AppleIntelInfo.dat output, at first I only have a few P-states and every time I re-read it others are added ? ex: [ 8 17 19 20 21...
  4. Ivanovitchk

    El Capitan only Boot when installation USB plugged in

    @boern Are you sure your motherboard is compatible with UEFI booting ? I would try to install clover (still using multibeast as you did) but in legacy mode. -external is always set as default when you use the usb key, don't worry when you'll get to the on-disk clover, your hfs will be set as...
  5. Ivanovitchk

    How to Update Your Gigabyte Motherboard's BIOS

    Mhh guys... these methods seems way too complicated :crazy: You just download the latest bios from gigabyte website, unzip the archive, take the BIOSFILENAME.F6 (F5, F6, F7... depending on the version of the bios) and put in on any FAT-Formatted usb thumbdrive... if it's not formated you can...