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  1. matheo1234

    Public Beta 6 Seem Faster

    I feel this beta really fast. Snappier then High Sierra. What about you ?
  2. matheo1234

    SSD slow write speed

    Hi there. I'm facing a problem with low write speeds on my Intel 540s 120GB ssd. This issue happens on High Sierra 10.13.6 and on Mojave 10.14 , too. It happens also on hfs+ and apfs. Here is a screenshot of the speeds. Need your advice. Thank you.
  3. matheo1234

    Help for optimising Dell 3542 on High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hi!! After a month or so reading and trying to get a mackintosh build out of my system , I have now a working system for my Dell 3542 with 10.13.6. I'm quite pleased with the performance , but I want your opinion and help to get the most out of it. Here is my specs: CPU : Intel i3-4005u ...
  4. matheo1234

    Intel HD 4400 DVMT

    Hi. I'm relatively new to hackintosh , running high sierra 10.13.6 on a Dell 3542 laptop with i3-4005u ,8gb ram and Intel HD 4400 graphics card. I want to ask if there is a way to find out how much DVMT my graphic card use, since Bios doesn't have this option. Thank you.
  5. matheo1234

    Help with High Sierra on Dell 3542 !!!

    Hi there. I'm trying to install high sierra on my Dell 3542 laptop (specs : I3-4005U 1.7ghz, 4gb ram, Intel HD4400, dell 1704 wifi+bt). I'm facing some problems such as : 1) Wifi doesn't work : i know that my pci wifi isn't compatible , so i'm using a usb one. 2) Bluetooth : it seems connected...