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  1. yanez

    Does Intel's New X79 Support Lion? [SOCKET 2011]

    Re: If intel new X79 support lion? Now it's out, any news on lion support?
  2. yanez

    Sandybridge E hackintosh

    Will Apple ever update its Macpro? :shock:
  3. yanez

    Sandybridge E hackintosh

    I would just curious if is possible to building an hackintosh with a Xeon Sandybridge E. I am oriented in a ASROCK X79 Extreme4-M SKT 2011 motherboard that support Xeon and ECC Ram. I would like if a DSDT for this motherboard would be released. I would prefer to find a Gigabyte. But i think i...
  4. yanez

    Dual-CPU Hackintosh

    i will try a system builded around the Asus motherboard model: Z8PE-D12