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    Update from 10.15.0 to .3 and display turns yellow

    Updated from .0 to .3 following the instructions posted about Kexts and all that. It rebooted 2 times. I had to choose the boot disk and I chose “install to prebooter” (should I have chosen “install to Mac data”?) after install and final restart Apple symbol and loading comes up then turns to...

    [Guide] Catalina Gigabyte Z170 HD3P + i7-6700K + Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8Gb

    I keep getting caught in a loop. I f12 to boot from usb then get to clover and start up the boot macOS install from macOS catalina External one then the apple symbol pops up and loads a second then restarts the computer and I do the same thing over and over. It never gets any farther on the...

    What Kexts and Kernels do I need?

    Ok so I've now gotten a Radeon RX 580 Pulse installed on the machine. I still have the GTX 970 for when I dual boot into windows. I've switched over to Mojave and looking to see if there's a way to clean up the load/kexts and all that. Just make things work smoother. I've noticed some slight...

    Dual Boot, Dual Card Mojave? [AMD - Mac, Nvidia - PC]

    @CrashMidnick So I'm having the same sleep/wake with my dual boot and the Nvidia 960. Can you please help with the DSDT to fix that and keep the 580?

    What Kexts and Kernels do I need?

    Ok this might be a very newb question. But I'm looking to switch over to using Lilu and whatevergreen to have everything combined together. I've had my Hackintosh for 2 years and with each update I've just added whatever would make it all run. Now that I'm getting ready to switch to Mojave and...