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  1. ulisex40

    Raid0 in Mojave

    Hi all, I need a little help. I am trying to install Mojave into a RAID through motherboard. All goes well until Disk utility where there isn't RAID but two disks. What am I doing wrong? thanks
  2. ulisex40

    pcie network card

    Hi there, I have changed my motherboard for a GA-Aorus pro with i225 ethernet (which of course does not work even in windows) I have tried everything and not even windows recognize it, I think it is broken. I have a working usb card from Asustor, but it's the one I had for the NAS. Do you know...
  3. ulisex40

    Site blocked

    Hi there, A week ago, I went a tonymacx86's page, but I couldn't enter, I thought that the site was in mantenance. Although, the twitter account was active. Yesterday, I used a VPN for entering into the page and voila, I don't know why Movistar has banned your page. I am thinking to change my...
  4. ulisex40

    Changed GT 740 forRX 580 Then Did 10.14.5 Update > Black Screen

    Hi, yesterday I changed my GT 740 for a RX 580 8gb then I updated a 10.14.5 but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? Should I do a new install? thanks