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  1. Elrom

    Battery behave abnormally

    Hello, after successfull 10.10.3 installation i saw, that the battery percents and capacity are strange. I've drain my battery and than charge it in power-off state but when i starting up i see that capacity of my battery is wrong. If i rebooted, i can see another capacity and another percents...
  2. Elrom

    Probook 4x40s new BIOS F.31 is OUT - who tries?

    Hello, does anybody tried to install F.31 BIOS update on 4x40s machines with ML 10.8.2?
  3. Elrom

    Atheros AR9485 driver

    For all 4x40s new series! Anybody has tried to change Info.plist ID's? As for DSDT fix i don't understand what to change there: Atheros AR9485 has 168C:0032 By the way, we have Atheros AR9485 driver for SUSE linux. Is it possible to port it into OSX? I've attached this one.
  4. Elrom

    DSDT editing help wanted!

    Hello professionals, i investigate more on this forum to install ML on new series 4x40s probook (mine is in my signature 4340s). And i foud the ways to install it, but have several issues - i can't use my own dsdt with 4530s patches, because of something different between this models. But i...
  5. Elrom

    ML Installation with problem on 4340s

    Hello professionals, and thank you for your hard work for helping people feel OSX expirience on their mainstream laptops and PC's. The question is about installing ML 10.8 on probook 4340s/4540s/4740s or whatever new hp series with HM76 chipset. My config is: Sandybridge i5 2450m, HD 3000, 6Gb...