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  1. AetherTitan

    Lenovo Y50 Laptop DSDT

    1920*1080, it isn't the 4K model. I'll give it a shot in *nix.
  2. AetherTitan

    Lenovo Y50 Laptop DSDT

    Evening everyone, I've been working on getting my Y50 running. It's an 8 core i7 with HD4600 graphics, touchscreen, 16gb ram, 1TB SSD and an nvidia 860m. I have OS X Mavericks installed, with the power management patch applied to the kernel. I am able to boot with the usual -x -f...
  3. AetherTitan

    Dell Inspiron n5050 15r Master Thread

    This is just a thread of resources for anyone with a Dell Inspiron n5050 15r laptop. I have no intention of writing a step-by-step guide on how to install, because it's about the same as any other rig. [Graphics] 100% functional graphics - Intel HD 3000 Graphics work OOB, but the VGA port does...
  4. AetherTitan

    Mac OS X Lion KEXT'S, Netgear WN111v2

    No. Does not work, never will (in all likelihood). I have one as well...ended up going with a cute little dlink wan-131 (micro)...but the dlink wna-121 is smaller (pico) and works on ML too.