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  1. Tyranicus

    Yosemite system started freezing after startup

    I have a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R with a GeForce 650 running OS X 10.10.1 using the latest version of Multibeast that recently started acting up on me. It will boot up normally, but a few seconds after starting, it will completely lock up. Sometimes, it will happen once everything has loaded on the...
  2. Tyranicus

    SMBIOS and GPU Performance

    I have a GTX 470, and I understand that the Mac Pro 3,1 SMBIOS does not include proper power management for Fermi cards. However, if I use the Mac Pro 5,1 SMBIOS, my GPU performance is terrible. I can play Diablo 3 at the highest settings using 3,1, but I can barely run it on the lowest...
  3. Tyranicus


    I'm considering a bit more graphic power by trading my GTX 470 with a friend for his GTX 460, buying a second 460, and putting them in SLI. I am doing this for gaming performance in Windows, but I would still like to keep OS X as my primary OS. Is it possible to run OS X on a computer set up...
  4. Tyranicus

    2 Graphics Cards - 1 PCI-E and 1 PCI

    After discovering that I can use my work software in OS X, I decided to hackintosh my work machine. It's working fine except for one small problem, I can't get 2 graphics cards working on it. The machine is a Gigabyte P35-DS3L. I have a 7800 GTX in the PCI-E slot and an 8400GS in a PCI slot...
  5. Tyranicus

    Dual-CPU Hackintosh

    I have a friend who does serious HD video editing. He's looking to build an 8-core system. Can anyone recommend a good dual-CPU motherboard?
  6. Tyranicus

    Time for an Upgrade

    I'm seriously considering upgrading to an i5 system in the next month or so to replace my aging E4500. Right now I'm looking at the GA-P55-USB3 ($95 on Newegg) because of the price, reported hackintoshability, and 8 SATA ports. I'm also thinking of the i5-750 ($200 on Newegg) based on price...