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  1. paul88888888

    Black screen after entering into desktop

    CPU: E5 2680V2 Motherboard: X9DRI-LN4F Graphic card: sapphire r9 280x (vega 64 or r9 580) MacOS : Mojave I met problem, If i used AMD graphic card, all of monitors would be black screen after entering desktop. If replaced NVIDIA graphic card all of monitors work fine. For the BIOS boot...
  2. paul88888888

    RX580 H.264 and h265 decoding support is moved form 10.14.1

    Platform: X299+7800X+RX580 When my platform was updated to 10.14. I found RX580 H.264 and H.265 decoding work fine, but H.264 and H265 encoding didn't work. Today I updated my desktop tp 10.14.1. Even H.264 and H.265 decoding support is moved from 10.14.1. I don't know why. Is it...
  3. paul88888888

    How to generate Intel xeon Gold 5117 SSDT when ssdtPREGen recognize it as unkown processor model

    Hello everyone! I was successful installing High sierra on my C621 platform . I met a problem that I can't add unkown processor model of dual lntel xeon Gold 5117 in the User Defined list. Maybe I make mistake with this step. This code is here. 'Xeon 5117',105,1200,2000,2800,14,28,1,100
  4. paul88888888

    [Solved] how to make 750ti works

    Please mark solved! I am really getting crazy about my 750ti. After updating High sierra, everything work fine except 750ti. I Added two driver lilu(1.7.0)and Nvwebdriverlibvalfix ,but i did not work. Can anybody help me?
  5. paul88888888

    Can not install 10.13 on the x79 desktop with a NVMe SSD

    Here are the main components to the rig: * GIGABYTE-X79-UD3 * E5-1650 *E5-1650 *Kingston sata 3 SSD 256G,LITEON T10 NVME SSD 240G Motherboard CPU E5-1650 GPU E5-1650 I successfully installed 10.13 beta 7 on my desktop when I only used SATA 3 SSD. If...
  6. paul88888888

    [Solved] Gigabyte-X79-UD3 works unnormal

    CPU E5-1650 Motherboard X79-UD3 GPU 1050TI After installation, I found that the my destop was working unnormal, It looks like intermittent stuck. if I forbidden all of USB,It looks like working normal. Did anybody meet the problem and have the solution?
  7. paul88888888

    Can't turn WiFi on bcm94352z

    I have already install Mac OS sierra 10.12.4 on my laptop(XPS 15 9343 ). I added config patches RehabMan-BrcmPatchRAM and FakePCIID except DSDT patch. Everything is working fine except WIFI. I checked the system report, It looked like work just can not turn on. Would anyone help me to make...
  8. paul88888888

    [Problem]MSI GE62 6QC Laptop(i7-6700HQ, Intel HD 530, GTX960M) installation problem

    Hi All, I haved installed the OS X Sierra to my laptop MSI GE62 6QC, but I am failed. Who can help me to fix this problem? CPU : Intel i7-6700HQ Chipset :Intel® HM170 Memory : 16GB DDR4-2133 Display :15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Graphics : GeForce® GTX 960M Storage :240G SSD+ 512G HDD
  9. paul88888888

    Some helps for built RX480 in sierra

    Hello, I found a very interesting thing. My computer is X79 platform, CPU is E5 2670 v1 After I added RX 480 ID into AMDRadeonX4100.kext and resetted computer. There is a colorful line in the screen. I have turned on the remote desktop, and I tried to connect the computer. It worked but...
  10. paul88888888

    after restarting computer, it will add one UEFI boot opition everytime.

    Hey guys I met a problem with my hackintosh OSX 10.11 after restarting computer, it will add one UEFI boot opition everytime. any guy can help me? The hardware list : The problem: