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  1. jmac7987

    Advice on Core i7-4770k build

    Thank you TRS96, I think I will scale back the wattage on my power supply and save a little cash as well. Hopefully everything else on the list checks out.
  2. jmac7987

    Advice on Core i7-4770k build

    Hey Guys, Let me first say that I love my current iMac and I think it is a wonderful machine however the storage limitations and lack of upgradeability have lead me to build myself a Hackintosh. This machine will be used primarliy to process large photo files in Capture One Pro 7 and Adobe...
  3. jmac7987

    Is speedstep and sleep still an issue on x79 socket 2011 builds?

    I have read several x79 socket 2011 builds that say the speedstep and sleep modes do not work correctly, however, I wanted to know if there has been any successful instructions on getting the sleep and speedstep to work just like a Mac Pro.
  4. jmac7987

    Am I better to wait for the intel 9 series chipset or buy now?

    Hello all, I was thinking about doing a build using an Asus Rampage Extreme motherboard when another member on the forum said maybe I should hold off and wait for the new 9 series Z87 announcement which was supposed to be today or tomorrow. Now I am wondering if maybe I should hold off and...
  5. jmac7987

    Is it a bad idea to use the Rampage IV Black Edition?

    I wasn't aware that there were new chipsets due to be released. Now I am wondering if I should wait.
  6. jmac7987

    Is it a bad idea to use the Rampage IV Black Edition?

    Hello All Would it be a mistake to use the Asus Rampage IV Black Edition for my next build? I didn't see any golden builds using the Black Edition therefore I am hesitant to go with the Black Edition over the Rampage IV Extreme.
  7. jmac7987

    Best SSD for Photoshop

    Hello all, I am looking for any advice/opinions on which SSD would be high quality and well suited for a Photoshop build. If you have a preference please explain why.
  8. jmac7987

    (mid 2010) 27" Imac compatible with EVGA GTX 770 in target display mode?

    Hello all, I am planning a build on a Asus x79 motherboard with a EVGA GTX 770 Graphics Card. I have read on the forums compatibility issues with certain cards, but I have not found any solid evidence that I can connect my (mid 2010) 27" iMac I3 3.2ghz as a monitor for my Hackintosh build...
  9. jmac7987

    Need advice on a x79 Hackintosh build

    Hello all, I am looking for any expert advice regarding my plan for a x79 socket 2011 build. I am planning my build based upon the Asus x79 motherboard (p9 x79 Pro or Sabertooth (not sure which is better) your input is welcome). This will be a first time build for me and will be a challenge...